Funny Story

This is where I show my age… so… I’ve got a Snapchat which I’m assuming most of you follow me on… anyways… I’ve been not really using for reasons previously mentioned…. i turned the notifications off. But every so often I go in and see what’s going on. I cleared out all the things sent to me and this 7 was still lingering on the icon… I could not for the life of me figure it out. There was nothing unopened. Well… today by some friggin miracle I noticed that if it’s just a chat and not a picture it now slightly, almost unrecognizably, bonds the persons name. I prefer the blue box method.  Either way. My icon number is gone and the world has corrected itself. 

Also… the sideways picture thing… it’s only on iPhone. My phone and my computer display them correctly… my friend on the other hand… not so much. 😞 I don’t know how to fix it. 

Some Shit

that’s annoying me today…

i was scrolling through facebook half asleep this morning… i saw this article about how all these people… actually, let’s refer to them as idiots for the rest of the post…. these idiots were all in this uproar about forever 21 selling shirts for boys that were super definitive in the gender roles… suggesting that HOLY SHIT… SOME BOYS ACTUALLY WANT TO BE BOYS AND LIKE GIRLS… how awful… i wish all these idiots would just FUCK OFF… like seriously… idiots disgust me. young kids shouldn’t even know the word transgender… let them figure that shit out after puberty and without the influence of their idiot parents… like why would a normal parent encourage their kids to want a life of constant ridicule and struggle? cuz that’s what transgenders and all those other not male and not females have… a constant battle. ¬†also… why the fuck should straight people who are confident that their brains match their private parts be made to feel like they are the weird ones… how about everyone does what they want and when we come across something we don’t like we just don’t do it, go to it, watch it, listen to it, be influenced by it at all… like other people who are not you have the right to do things that you don’t agree with… like people try to force acceptance by belittling what’s been considered the norm… the norm still exists. where the fuck is the S (for straight) in the LGBTQIA community? oh yeah that’s right… we don’t count…

kinda like the woman on the plane who was asked to move her screaming crying baby out of first class…. yeah, she paid for her ticket… but so did all the other people in first class… it’s not about babies and women’s issues and mothers… you remove the problem to satisfy the masses… that’s not discrimination… that’s just the way the world should work. sometimes we win, sometimes we are on the losing end. that doesn’t mean we’re entitled to big money settlements and apologies and 15 minutes of fame. grow the fuck up already.

Donald Trump. i’m glad he won. i like that he’s an outspoken,douche bag, says what he wants when he wants, doesn’t take shit from anyone, alpha male. we need that.

ughhh…. it’s too early to be this fired up… i’m gonna go back to netflix and freeze my ass off… it’s cold in here..