Here We Go Here We Go Here We Go Again!

Does anyone else feel this awesome sense of victory when you get your dying phone plugged in right before it shuts itself off… i’ll be like dead tired sitting on my couch with like blankets and pillows and no chance i’m moving if the house was on fire… my phone battery symbol will turn red and like a super powerful jolt of adrenaline bursts through me and give me this ultimate power to run up the stairs two or three steps at a time like i’m defying gravity or something dodge furniture get around to my night table with incredible swiftness and get that fucker plugged in!  then fall over and die on my bed. but i didn’t have to wait for my phone to turn itself back on! totally worth it!! haha… total sense of satisfaction in that…this same phenomenon applies to when i’m cooking something like meatloaf or handling chicken… my phone starts to ring and i successfully wash and dry my hands before the missed call thing happens… i’m such a weirdo.

so i should really start reading things before i spend money on them… the maximum media update for this hosting site is 8MB per item… that means videos are a no go… does anyone know of any good video hosting products? i saw a few option online but they all cost money one or two of them are free for non commercial use but i wasn’t able to look into their terms of service… i really don’t wanna use youporn.

i’m kinda excited… i’ve finally made a decision on what car i’m gonna get… i want a 2010 maxima… black with light colored leather interior and a rear spoiler nice wheels and tint of course… you would think that’s a pretty specific set of options there… so someone please tell me why Mr. Phi M. at the Nissan dealer decided to try to sell me a 2013 altima with a 4 cylinder engine? even after i said it was out of my price range and i wouldn’t like anything less than a 6 cylinder. i mean yeah it’s a nice car but it’s not what i want so shut the fuck up and show me the used cars that fit my description. it’s so annoying when people don’t listen to what i’m saying. he’s like a salesman… i wonder if that game works on people… i know he would make more money on a new car but i think selling me a used car would yield him a better paycheck then pissing me off and selling me no car at all. seriously, people need to shut the fuck up and listen to their customers sometimes. he even said to me “why do you think you need a 6 cylinder anyway?” “for status” i quickly replied. really no response to that eh? alls those guys care about is getting you inside to run your credit… i would start by asking the customer if they wanted to test drive the car… get them hooked on it and then rape them on the financing…

isn’t it funny how having a coupon for something makes everything justifiable? i feel like total shit spending money on something… send me a coupon and the deal is as good as done… it doesn’t even matter what the item is or how much the coupon is for it just really makes me feel better. lol


Out of all the images in the world this site pics a picture of a shirt on a hanger for my under construction thingy…


No turn on red?… no left turn on red? no left turn on red while other cars are crossing the intersection? do we really need to be told this?

So-Nata good idea to park like this… hehe

this guy backed up this far… got out of his truck to look… backed up some more until me and like 5 other people screamed at him to stop… he was practically over my hood ornament.

this lady wasn’t paying attention when the light turned green at the light leaving my plaza… so i beeped at her… her head popped up and she gave me the finger… we then pulled into the same restaurant… haha! she waited in her car for me to go in and out… then took her kid out… great example she’s giving that kid.

lady leaves kids in car for 7 minutes and they don’t die/get stolen/break something/injury themselves…. i remember getting left in the car all the time was i was little and nothing ever happened to us… it’s prolly safer locked in a car than wondering around a store anyway… people need to mellow fucking out with that shit.

this guy is special so he gets to park like this.

sat in fire zone and read a book for 10 minutes… then drove away with child not buckled in… some people should just go to hell

Those lines are just optional.

love when people don’t look ahead of them when they drive and end up getting stuck in the middle of an intersection during a red light…. these people should also go to hell.

this seems like the total best place to sit and have a cigarette and coffee… i take all my breaks with my legs in the middle of the road.

ugh… gotta get that pizza!

so it took me forever to get the exact cover picture that i wanted… prolly because i was taking them myself using the timer on my camera… these are some of the other pictures!

Enjoy and leave some comment love!

My New Home!

As everyone knows I was having waaaay too much troubles posting the content everyone was asking for… so i went and bought a domain name of my own!  now i can do what ever i feel like i wanna do! So save the link everyone!! i’m not 100% familiar with how to make my own website yet but i’m sure i’ll learn as i go so be patient! and as always suggestions are welcomed!