Es StoopEd Hour

Just watched a guy stop walking in the middle of the road to have a conversation with a person driving a car… about a minute goes by and the person in the car behind the first one honks the horn… the man standing in the middle of the road then gives the second driver the jerk off hand gesture… seriously, dude?? you’re the jerk off… what is wrong with people not even being able to recognize when they are being shitty? a little personal responsibility goes a long way….

somewhat related to that…. why the fucked to school buses stop at every house now? seems a little stupid and time consuming. what happened to 20 kids all at one bus stop? i don’t get it… parents say they are afraid for their kids… i’m sure nothing is gonna happen with like a whole bunch of them there… or even better than that… get off your lazy ass and go to the bus stop with them… it’s a complete suckfest to get stuck behind a school bus who stops at every other house… it prolly uses more fuel as well with all the stopping and starting… a little exercise would definitely do these kids some good anyway. but whatever… why don’t we just breed some more co-dependent lazy non-driven socially retarded children… they are our future and all…

customer comes in to pick this up… leaves it here while he runs to the dollar store… next guy comes in and asks me if it’s my dress because it’s highly fashionable… 1. why would my dress be hanging in the front of the store while i work??  2. highly fashionable if i’m 90 and it’s 1952… 3. the guy never came back from the dollar store.. i think he forgot… ughh… i think i can safely say this is stupid hour.

a guy just came in here to pick up a coat that wasn’t done yet… now his wife is calling because she’s “upset”. i’ve been in the business for 12 years… i still can’t figure out why people get upset over dry cleaning… perhaps they would prefer a shitty job to be done on their clothing… stains still on it, bad pressing, shotty alterations, but hey!!! it’s back on time!! BUT i don’t live around here!!! then why the fuck do you come here? you kinda made your own bed on that one… you take the time to come here because we do a significantly better job than the cleaners by your house so shut the fuck up and find something else to do besides complain.

green delivery truck on left… okay fine… tan car on right… backed up to park there because green truck was in his way…

well, hours over… back to work!

the guy just came in to get his red dress… lol

Molest My Muffin

why is it that cashiers at grocery stores always insist on touching your baked goods? like you can’t just take a person’s word for it that there is 2 bagels and muffin? the bag is clear… holding it up should be acceptable. no one wants your nasty money handling raw meat touching dirty hands on their pastries… i assure you, i don’t really think anyone is gonna lie about that… also there is no fucking way you’re putting a paid sticker on it… gross.

i’m excited to announce that i will no longer be spending my afternoons and nights in laundromats watching Mexican tv… we got a brand new top of the line 65lb washing machine! 13k well spent!

If washers could be sexy…. this would be the hottest thing ever…

sadly, it didn’t even make it 24 hours before the owners brother fucked with it. he took a wrench to the inside where the water comes out and gouged out the plastic ring. then stuck a screw driver into the water holes… ughhhhh… i wanted to cry… like literally there was almost tears… and then a fuck ton of curse words from my boss… we then decided to hide the cycle sheet behind a calendar on the wall so he doesn’t touch it.

now that things have calmed down a little bit at work i’m hoping to get some more blogging done!! yay!!

so this morning i added up all my Christmas shopping expenses so far… $1580.00… UGH… lol… so if anyone wants to buy me some money for Christmas i will be accepting gifts!

okay so it’s kinda busy here today… 45 minutes has gone by since the last sentence i typed… i’m not giving up yet tho!

got out of the car to look and left it there anyway

people can’t park.

100 years old.

if you’re so worried about your car smelling like smoke that you stick your entire head out the window, perhaps you shouldn’t smoke in the car at all… ijs

full of himself NYC lawyer?? i wonder if you get a refund if you get convicted?

prolly shouldn’t take that curve too fast in the rain eh?

the guy installing the 15 minute parking signs… he was there more than 15 minutes…

she’s like… in the spot… but this is just weird.

so, we’ve got microsoft and microsemi… i’m starting a fetish porn company dedicated to really small penises… can anyone guy what the name will be?

guess those first 12 open spots weren’t good enough…

no hope for the human race.

gets parking spot for deliveries… uses it for personal car… real nice…

gee, how did that get there??? lol…

really bad parking at the bank. if your truck is that big you’re not entitled to park in the smaller spots…

a very sexy customer made this for me =) it didn’t fly.

found these in someones pocket… sent them to my boss… i think he’s still enjoying them…

someone asked for a picture of me in a fitting room… this blouse did not fit. lol

well… i’ve successfully made it till 11:15 without doing any work… gotta go earn my check now!


These Fucking Spam Comments

okay… i have no idea where they are all coming from… i deleted them all… and unfortunately i also had to change the settings for commenting so it doesn’t keep happening… i know it’s fun to see your comments right away but now they will have to be approved by the administrator (ME!) before they come up… i’ll be quick tho!

the last few weeks have been INSANE for me… literally working 65 plus hours a week due to MORE broken machines… LOL… i swear i should own this place already with the amount of effort i put into it.

so i got home from another exhausting day and decided it was time to strip to some MJ…. lol… and, of course, i recorded it for everyone! next time it will be moon walking out of my socks… jusssttt kidding!

just waiting for it to process now… …. …. ….

still waiting… Mr. Fuck Me Eyes called me on the phone again today to check on his order… one day i’m gonna be like… i know you’re married but fo realz yo… i wanna tongue your balls for hours…

it’s ready!  enjoy!!