Luxury car, tinted windows, nice wheels…. NO FRONT TEETH!!! priorities people COME ON! i wish i could have gotten a picture of that dude…

so i’ve been getting a lot of emails alerts that people are signing up as registered users for my site… only thing is they are all weird names with even weirder email addresses… like whose email is or   those can’t be real. right?

saw mr. fuck me eyes yesterday… according to my coworker it looked as if i was ready to pounce on him… prolly was… there was no counter between us this time… just a bar for me to bash my head into… but i totally didn’t!! i now consider it a win if i don’t fumble on my words or say something that makes no sense at all… he wasn’t wearing his uniform yesterday but he still looked sexy as hell… i hope he comes in again like right now… i’m all alone =)

yesterday morning it was pointed out to me that there has been a white explorer parked in the parking lot of almost 3 months now… all day and all night… never moves… no way in hell that’s possible right? wrong! i started looking back into my pictures that truck actually appears in the same exact spot as far back as february 13th… i’m starting to get a little curious about it… then i thought maybe i should call like a towing company or the cops or something… there’s no over abundance of flies or anything so i don’t think anyone is dead in it so that’s good… still a little weird tho.

if someone wants to like… run that plate and see who this person is that would be fun… have them maybe… COME GET THEIR CAR!

this is the lady that walks the parking lot knocking on peoples windows looking for money… she wears the same outfit everyday and takes the money straight to the liquor store…

so the other day one of my fellow plaza workers hung out in here for like 2 1/2 hours…. he took some pictures of me… and now i’ll share with everyone!

and one more picture of someone parking terribly…

well it’s 9am… i’ve been here for 1 hour and 15 minutes.. i’m freakin starving… gonna go see what food is laying around… maybe i should also do some work… lol

And I’m Feeeeelinnnng Gooooood

I really can’t stand that song…why does every single singing show contestant sing it?

C.M.F. (as named in a previous blog)… i suppose i could have just put those things you left in your pocket back with your stuff for when you picked it up… but you’re right i just wanted to see ya again… LOL… and if there wasn’t another customer in the store when you gave me that lovely finger gesture i would of gladly accept that offer.

is it really that weird that i go into the gay section of youporn to watch guys masturbate? i’m a girl. so in order to watch a guy that’s what’s necessary… it’s only girls playing with themselves in the straight section and i’ve got plenty of mirrors if i wanna watch that.

so it’s Saturday morning… there is a toothless woman wondering the parking lot knocking on peoples’ car windows asking for money… she just wants to buy liquor with it… do not give her money!

I’m starting to feel a little annoyed that i can’t go to Miami for my 30th bday… i never want to go anywhere or do anything and the one time i do i can’t seem to get there… and it’s not a cost thing… so i’m putting it out there.. if anyone knows any bored females who want to spend 4 days in South Beach making sure i don’t get raped or stolen or killed in exchanged for me making sure they don’t get raped or stolen or killed send them my way… it’s prolly gonna cost around 800$ for flight and hotel. i’m not trying to be stingy either. this would be in July btw. also, they’d have to act as my entourage… haha…

gotta stay at work the entire day today…. prolly not a bad thing seeing as i’ve been spending money like i’m dying lately… but my car does look cool…

“i can’t understand why the zipper keeps splitting.” MAYBE BECAUSE YOU’RE 10 LBS OF SHIT AND THE SKIRT IS A 5LB BAG!!!!!

anyways… it’s kinda busy today so here’s a few pics for everyone’s entertainment! i’m hoping to do a shoot soon so suggestions welcomed!

Lines Don’t Apply

My New Favorite Thing!!

Parked so close to my car i could barely get in… sat in the car and watched me carefully not hit their car with my door instead of getting the fuck out of my way…

drove up brick blvd weaving in and out of cars to stop at a light… real genius… also your antennae are stupid.

that’s not a turn lane… it’s the shoulder… just so everyone knows.

got the gap back!

bend me over!

Brain/Mouth Filter

Mine is definitely broken. I seriously have bought and paid for a cabana in hell with bottle service these last few days. I just can’t stop being brutally honest with people. I don’t know where it’s coming from or why all of the sudden i think it’s a good idea. I’m going with the theory that sometimes people just need a swift kick in the ass. i’m tired of sacrificing my feeling for someone elses… i’m tired of excuses and whining and putting off what i want for something that doesn’t benefit me at all.

So yesterday… as i posted on facebook… i called a customer a cunt. 3 times. but she totally deserved it. what makes it okay for a person to come into a place of business and rant on about stuff and the employees there just have to sit and take it? no one should get treated that way and no one should be able to dish it out with out getting it right back.

this lady comes in to pick up her sweater and skirt. immediately she notices that a purple stain on the front of the sweater didn’t come out. i remembered this woman from friday when she dropped off because she pointed out all of the stains that were on the sweater and skirt and the 3 blouses she dropped off. She asked to have the sweater and skirt back next day because it was her church sweater. (yesterday was day 4 btw) she starts going off about how dingy the sweater looks and we never do a good job on her clothes and the skirt wasn’t pleated right. i offered to take the sweater back in and redo it for her for free. she tells me how she’s not sure she wants to leave the sweater because she doesn’t trust us with her clothes and she thinks we’re going to ruin them some more. i explained to her that we don’t ruin clothes the stain just didn’t come out. i said it looks like wine stain she then starts to get loud with me saying THAT’S MY CHURCH SWEATER HOW WOULD WINE GET ON IT IF I ONLY WEAR IT TO CHURCH? I told her that i remember when she came in and pointed out the stains. she said the wine stains were only on the blouses. she was also mad because she came to pick those up but it was too early and they weren’t going to be ready until after 5. she said that the ticket doesn’t say after 5. i show her the ticket and where it says after 5 and then also the sign in the front of the store that says after 5. she said she wanted them back. i explained to her that they were amongst the 1000 loose shirts in the back of the store and it would be pretty much impossible to locate them in the process. she demanded that i find her shirts because she didn’t want them done by us because we would probably ruin them. i told her again that they could have already been wet somewhere already or in bags ready to be washed. she demands to speak to the manager. i tell her i am the manager. she said NO YOU’RE NOT. i said i am the manager. she asks who the black dude in the back was. i told her he does the alterations and i am the manager of the store. she said that she was gonna wait right there while i tried to find them. i went to the back of the store to try to locate them. two of them had actually already been washed and pressed. after about 5 minutes of rifling through wet shirts i went back up front to ask her if she knew the color of the third shirt. she responds with… WELL JUST DO THE SHIRTS THEN AND CALL ME WHEN THEY ARE DONE.. are you fucking kidding me???? you made me go look for your stuff just to change your mind??? whatever… she then complains about the skirt. it’s made of a very light chaffon material and it’s got pleats at the top. she complained that the pleats weren’t hard enough. i explained to her that you can’t put a hard pleat in something so delicate. 1. it’s just gonna fall right out and 2. it could ruin the material. she went on about how we ruined that. the skirt was actually pretty perfect considering we got all the stains out of it. she snatches her skirt and sweater and leave the store. i give her the finger behind her back as she walks to her illegally parked car. she turns back around and comes back in with the sweater demanding we try to get the stain out of it and make it look less dingy. i take it back. she then wants her shirts again.  i finally get her out of the store and she drives away. she calls the store 4 minutes later… she continues to complain that we do a bad job on dry cleaning and she’s gonna call her brother who is a Lakewood cop and have him come in with her to inspect the clothes and take us to court. i couldn’t even help but ask her “you’re really gonna go to court over a sweater that you stained?” then she really started. you’re fucking right i’m gonna go to court you said it was a wine stain it might be grape juice but it’s not wine… (WHAT THE FUCK IS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A WINE STAIN AND GRAPE JUICE STAIN???? NOTHING!!!! ) so i got the substance wrong. she was seriously just splitting hairs at this point… instead of saying all that i told her she didn’t need to curse at me. yes i do have to fucking curse you guys ruined my fucking clothes i’m gonna fucking this and fucking that and fuck fuck fuck.. so i told her she was a cunt. a cunty cunt. and i hung up. she called back again!! i made someone else answer it… she was very nice that time. she said her brother would be in later to pick the stuff up. i feel like me getting down to this lady’s level and calling her exactly what she was being was just what she needed to stop her in her tracks and make her rethink her way of handling it. that’s what this world is lacking… a swift kick in the ass. later that day she actually sent her daughter in to pick up the stuff. she was a very polite girl.

the second act of what the fuck is wrong with me happened a little later that night…

this guy literally friend requested that day. i’m just gonna copy and paste the entire conversation because it literally is ridiculous.

  • You are gorgeous

  • Thank you
  • Your welcome sweetheart
  • So wats up wit you
  • Not much just got back from the gym. You?
  • Gym?…y? U dnt need the gym
  • Lol. How do you think I keep a this mediocre shape?
  • Mediocre? Huh? Next time u look in the mirror clean it off first

  • Haha! I don’t by any means think my body is bad. I just know I’m not fat but I’m not skinny I’m not flabby but I’m not muscular. If I quit the gym I’m definitely be plump in no time
  • So ur perfect hun for real
  • I’m happy with me. But I do work at it.
  • So ya single
  • I am not
  • heartbroken…..yea i am
  • Don’t be sad
  • I am ur sexy as hell hun
  • Thank you
  • Just wish u were single
  • I haven’t been single in… Ever
  • Its alot funner lol
  • I guess I’ll never know
  • Heart just broke fully in half
  • I’m sorry
  • Yea…wat am i gonna do
  • Don’t be sad. I’m sure you will find someone.
  • Not like u
  • You have never even met me tho.
  • Just something bout u hun thats sll
  • I could be good on paper but a total train wreck ya know

  • I doubt it
  • Lol I have my moments
  • Still doubt it
  • Lol
  • Yea i know im a joke
  • Seriously? Self loathing is not sexy.
  • Wouldnt matter im not gonna win this situation anyway
  • That’s because I have a boyfriend. Perhaps you should tell a single girl she is beautiful and charm her. You’ve got the right words just the wrong target.
  • Refer a friend lol
  • All my friends are married and boring lol. It really sucks for me since I have no kids .
  • yea ok
  • So you think I’m lying?
    You’re starting to annoy me
  • I never said u were lying i was agreeing with u but fine since im annoying u il leave u alone and go play in yraffic bye
  • Okay look both ways.
  • Thats the point is to not look and stand in the fast lane duh
  • If you’re suicidal call a hotline don’t put this shit on people who don’t ask for it. I have absolutely no time for drama of this sort

and that’s that… like we’re not friends. i don’t know you. so what i have a boyfriend. you want to die over it? what would happen if something actually life altering happens? do you feel suicidal if the diner fucks up your meal? bird shits on your car guess you gotta go die now. like it’s trivial and stupid and people who talk like this should do less talking and more dying. so annoying. think it’s gonna ruin my day? you want pity? sorry not from this girl. you, sir, definitely need a swift kick in the ass. this world needs less coddling. grow skin people. yeah i get sad shit happens but this isn’t one of those situations and when they do occur pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go about your life. don’t take people down with you.

this morning.

totally told mr. fuck me eyes that i have a blog… and that i blogged about him once… more than once… couldn’t really gauge a reaction since there was like two customers waiting behind him… guess i’ll have to wait till the next time… it’s prolly better that way cuz i’m sure i would have continued saying shit that i should just keep to myself…

anyways… people have been asking for more pics. i’m gonna have them soon… work has been pretty busy lately and i’ve also been working out a lot more… i’m kinda excited that i’m actually a size 4 now and not just on skinny days! been watching what i’ve been eating and counting calories. it’s been working so i’ll just continue on!

these are the wheels i decided on for my car! they are stupid expensive and i’m taking donations!

here’s a couple of douche bags!

ugh… it never ends… also, check out the cool new signs we got… there is metal plate drilled into the ground in four places with a giant spring attached… watching people drive into this and have it bounce back and hit them again is my new favorite thing.

parked there and then got blocked in. good! you deserve it!

here’s some pics of my progress!

Last week

Last week


Also Monday… Size 4 ass!! whoop whoop!

time to get back to work!