Where The Fuck Have I Been?

Fucking working… i’ve been fucking work pretty much all of the hours my store is open for… if it’s not broken down machines keeping me here late waiting for a repair man it’s me having to work the entire day by myself in the middle of the fucking busy season because no one comes to work anymore. whatever energy i have left after working in this hot as balls sauna of a building i spend keeping my composure as i’m constantly disappointed by the youth of this country. i’m the most easy going person there is to work for… i don’t really give people much shit about things but this isn’t a major corporation where if someone calls out for the day there are other people to fill in. it’s just me and i’m getting to the point in my brain where it’s becoming plain unfair. i get that people get hurt or whatever but i get hurt and i still show up. my stomach hurts and i still show up. fuck last year i had surgery on thursday and i was back on monday… technically i was here on that saturday… if i need to go somewhere or do something the hours are covered. i feel a sense of responsibility to my job that i can’t seem to find in other people.  when i’m not here i’m constantly taking phone calls and helping out. i know i’m the manager and all but i assure you the manager of walmart and mcdonalds and shoprite and all those places don’t stay a minute passed the time they are supposed to work till. i wanna know what it’s like to not give a fuck about the place that employes me. i wanna be able to come in go through the motions and not care about a single thing. i wanna be able to leave here and not think about the customer that will be disappointed because something wasn’t back on time. i wanna be that person who is completely okay with doing something half-assed. i wanna call out and go shopping or sleep all day or spend it fucking some dude. what’s that fucking like? i don’t usually rant in this particular way because i feel like this stuff is a little bit not for the internet but i think i’ve made it very clear that all this shit is starting to have an effect on me. alls i want to do is go out to philly to a trashy shoes and clothes store buy some really sexy thigh high boots and have someone take my fucking picture in them to post on the internet… but i need a day off for that.  i feel like i’m letting everyone that reads my blog down… multiple people have actually asked why i haven’t been updating lately and this is why… so with all that said… i’m giving this another couple of week until the store slows down a bit and hopefully my employees will be in better health or spirits or whatever the fuck keeps them from coming in. i don’t really care… and that’s where the fuck i’ve been. =)

also, to the person who commented on the girl in the spandex pants…15 will get you 20. just looking out!


Well, just in case anyone is wondering… i have officially figured out the reason that major industry switched from human labor to mechanical labor… because people fucking suck. maybe it’s just a personality flaw but i work like a goddamn machine. i don’t take sick days, i can always stay late, i never put myself in a position where someone else is dependent on me outside of work and no matter how tired i am i get shit done. i can’t conceive a world where anything is more important than what makes me money. my work ethic is unattainable by most… enough patting myself on the back… after this week i wish i could employ robots. it’s the busiest time of the year for the store and i’ve had nothing but call outs and excuses and i can’t stay lates from every single person who works for me. add that to the fact that we’ve have major machine problems (also due to laziness by a human for not getting timely maintenance) we’re so far behind and not a single person feels a responsibility to put in some extra effort and time. (which they would have been paid for) i just feel like when you know the company that pays your bills is in a bind you should go the extra mile to ensure you still have a job the next day. not saying people should get fired but if production is two days behind and your accounts decide to go else where there is no need to have employees. no one thinks that way tho. i then try to explain to them the concept of if we lose an account jobs will be cut and the response i get is always the same. “it’s not my fault.” i understand that it’s not your fault and no one is saying it is but fault doesn’t matter when the reality is you’re not entitled to a job. we don’t have to keep you employed here if it doesn’t make sense. jobs aren’t the easiest thing to come by these days and people should do everything they can to preserve them. take shorter lunch stay an extra 30 minutes each day… something… no one ever thinks beyond the minute they are in… we’re such a fucking lazy society that expects all the luxuries for minimal effort. people fucking suck.

other than that… i’ve learned a ton of shit this week… like which way the belt is supposed to rotate on the motor of an air compressor… it’s clockwise if anyone needs to know… why you ask? so the oil lubricates the parts right… also, in regard to the compressor… 5 horse power is not enough to run 4 machines at once… especially when they all have air leaks. i’ve learned how to adjust read switches on two of my three shirt pressing units… it’s very greasy in there (ruined my fucking nails)… the guy at auto lenders informed me that there is no way to disable the tire pressure light on my car but he thinks he will be able to remove the sensors from my old wheels to put on my new ones. i’m definitely a stress eater… like an entire bag of Reese’s pieces in 3 days is off the charts… and finally… the absolutely best planning on my part will not ever make up for other people being inconsiderate assholes.

on a good note… i signed up for a make-up class next week that i’m excited for and guess who it’s with! the hot girl at the Mac counter!! yay! i saw her yesterday when i went to get some concealer to hide my stressed-out pimples… i ended up getting like 5 other things too… i’ve got issues… but my eyes look awesome! and my new heels should be here by Monday the latest… i think tomorrow i might have the chance to finally take some fun pictures in the bathroom at work… damn extra tank has been outta there 4 days now and i can’t seem to find the time… ridiculous!

this would be okay if they were on opposite sides of the car…

nothing like taking up 3 spots… jack ass

Finally!!! it got towed out of here… i went outside to ask who called them and just as that happened the girl who owned the car pulled up in the handicap spot and said it was hers… (she wasn’t handicapped by the way) lazzzyyyy

i don’t typically put food pictures on my blog but these were so freakin good i had to share… thin sliced bread with olive oil and garlic powered baked until they crisp up… topped with tomato, fresh basil, roasted red pepper and cheddar cheese… back in the oven til it all melts together… cheese gets all crunchy around the sides OMG…

for guys that like shoes! I love these!!!

For guys that like legs! They look really long!

and against my better judgement… one with my glasses on…

now back to way too much work in not enough time!

Juicy White Famous Ass

soooo it’s totally okay that me and one of my 80 year old customers were just talking about how hot mr. fuck me eyes is? she noticed him walking out of here right before she came in… it’s completely normal for that to happen… haha! apparently him and i both love cheese! i don’t even know how we get into these conversations… yesterday i posted on facebook that i want to wrestle naked in hibachi noodles with someone… today i’m amending that to i want to wrestle in melted cheese with that sexy mother fucker…

wanna see something awesome???   www.naughtyselfpics.com/page/34/ someone put my picture on here!!! it’s a few down… like 5 or 6… my juicy white ass is famous with an 8.8 rating!i guess the page updates as more are added so if you’re reading this weeks later you might wanna check the next page kind of thing.

also, from the fucking hysterical shit people show me… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCGfgnU18yk

i park my car far back from the line sometimes but not like this dude…

this dude almost hit my car on route 70 the other day… weaving in and out of traffic? didn’t you notice that they’ve been reconstructing the parkway for like 2 months now and you’re not going anywhere fast?

this guy… noticed i took his picture then immediately pulled off the road into a parking lot… prolly because after i beat his shitty truck off the light he proceeded to tailgate me something awful to the point i had to pull over and let him pass for my own safety… then drove up the ass of the next car in front of him… i hope you have to stop short cuz someone brake checks you and that canoe goes right through the back of your head.

a lady just came in here with a suit that we cleaned. it had a moth hole in it. she thinks we put it there. we did not. i explained to her that moth holes usually don’t appear until something has been cleaned because the eggs eat away at the material but don’t actually create the hole until it’s in the solvent. i even went as far as explaining that it was obviously a moth hole due to the missing material. it very clearly wasn’t a rip. she wasn’t understanding a word i said. she asked to see the boss. i told her i was the boss. she told me i wasn’t. i’m the manager and i’ve been doing this for 12 years and there is nothing anyone can do about moth holes happening. it wasn’t something she did and it wasn’t something we did it just happens. she told me she wanted her money back. i told her we don’t give peoples money back we provided the cleaning service and there are no refunds because of moth holes… this went around in a circle about 3 times before she finally said to me. “why does this happen?” to which i reply… “well, i can’t ask the moth!” OWNED!! she told me to throw the pants out and stormed away. at least i didn’t curse at this one… prolly because there was like 4 other customers waiting behind her… laughing… lol




Some Things That Need To Be Addressed

a day of unsolicited advice…

sometimes i think there is seriously something wrong with me…  i cannot be sympathetic or empathetic… probably because i refuse to be anything with pathetic in it… i feel like Facebook is loaded with all these statuses and crap about people making statements like “i can get through this… blah blah blah” or i’m doing so well followed by something that’s intended to keep their motivation up. and my personal favorite the passive – aggressivist… (i made that up) i’m kinda sick of reading all this poor me shit… especially since it never ends. like if your life sucks change it. don’t bring other people down with you. beyond that… everyone has problems… this is why they make support groups so everyone of your kind can sit around and be miserable together while simultaneously getting nothing accomplished. maybe people should go to support groups with people that can actually help each other out by changing focus.  you’re never gonna feel better if you don’t let it go and move on.  my personal way of change… if you want to feel better about shit just pretend to be fabulous.. then one day you won’t have to pretend anymore. kinda like trying to fake smile or laugh… it only last a second before it’s a real smile or laugh…  totally done wondering if it’s a bad thing that i don’t need mantras and self-help and mental health days and feel good slogans and pick me ups to get through a day. not trying to be an asshole or anything… oh wait… maybe i just am an asshole…

dear every fucking customer of mine lately,


k. thanks.

Moving along… (this one is more like a P.S.A.)  Want to cut your workout time in half? Sure! who doesn’t?? How about this… LEAVE YOUR FUCKING PHONE IN THE CAR… i understand small breaks between sets but seriously people get the fuck off the machine and let other people use it if you’re just gonna sit there and text for 3 minutes… you’re actually working out less than you’re resting for and it’s stupid. you’re getting nothing accomplished… be aware of what is going on around you… like the line of people waiting to actually workout more than just their thumbs

totally thinking about starting an advice blog… i’m good at this shit… lol…  please post any questions you might seek my lovely form of advice on in the comment section and i’ll answer em!

to answer peoples comments… i’m finding myself really short on time lately… i’m in my busy season now at work… so as soon as i get a few hours to myself where i can actually go through and scan my pictures i will post them… what kind of sexy videos would you like to see? as far as needing a web guy thank you for the offer but i’m good on web guys for now. if that changed i will let you know.

and apparently i left my camera on in my purse… gotta charge it… here’s some pics from my ipod

Parked there to go get a slice… total tool bag.

getting better at this makeup thing…

and it’s fun!