Cold Fucking Weather

Would it be fucked up to watch porn at work? i’m bored, no one else is here and there’s no customers… Some old dude just smashed into the sign really hard…. hard… i guess we’re back to that… i’ve been really horny lately… i think it stems from the abundance of snap chat pictures i’ve been receiving and this dream i had the other night that i can’t seem to get out of my head… Crafty Mother Fucker was in it… he came to my house (i assume it was my house although i didn’t recognize it) he forced his way into the front door (in reality it would require no force whatsoever) he tossed me on this giant fluffy chair ripped my underwear off (not sure why i wasn’t wearing pants) and dove into my pussy like he was trying to win an Olympic gold medal. Then he got up and made himself an omelet but wouldn’t share… (so maybe is wasn’t my house… who knows) either way… pretty hot dream considering i’m not the biggest fan of getting eaten out (or omelets, for that matter)…. so now i’m sitting here bored and i kinda just wanna watch porn… i know what would happen tho… i’d FINALLY find one i would actually like and then i’d get busy with customer… so maybe i’ll skip the porn at work…

oh, my snapchat name is only1use4this if anyone wants to send me 10 seconds of unsolicited fun.

i watched a group sex porn the other night… i’ve never watched one before… that’s kinda funny because i’ve participated in group sex… so anyway.. the category was recommended by my wonderful sex crazed friend who shares the same parking lot whist working. it was a video of this really tiny girl and 3 guys… first i was like okay cool…. one is fucking her and she’s blowing one while jerking off the other… but then… a dude laid down and she got on top and rode him.. fine… the another dude came up from behind and stuck his cock in her ass while the other guy was still in her pussy… I don’t get the physics of this… that can’t feel good… and if it does feel good it can’t possibly feel good for that long… and what happens after? like gaping vagina and gaping asshole? she must be a fucking wreck down there… or killed off all the nerve ending or something… good thing i came quick enough that i didn’t have to endure watching anymore of it.

So anyway…. my actual intention of this post was to put up some more of the pics i took over the summer… here’s some of me in the pool!

DSC00439 DSC00440 DSC00441 DSC00442 DSC00443 DSC00444 DSC00445 DSC00446 DSC00447 DSC00448 DSC00449 DSC00450 DSC00451 DSC00452 DSC00453

One Of These Times….

So my brain was half working this time when Mr. Fuck Me Eyes came in… i walked up from the back and one of the other girls was already writing his order up… i saw him pretend to whisper something about me to her… lol… i asked him what he said…  as usually we exchange some sentences that don’t really make sense… (just then couldn’t figure out how to spell sense… sence scence cents… yeah) anyways… he pays and he’s almost leaving and i tell him he should get his jacket cleaned cuz it was pretty gross stain right under his boob… he casually starts taking the stuff out of his pockets… and takes the jacket off… as i walk up to write the ticket up for the cleaning i notice he also has a stain on his t-shirt.. so i tell him he should clean that shirt too… he said it was just a knock around shirt… i told him i was just trying to get him to take his shirt off… and that he might also have a stain on his pants… but then he added a stain on his underwear which is totally gross and not okay… but i would definitely let him take off a nice clean pair.  i swear, not many people make me a complete retard like he does… i hope he goes home and gives it to his wife real good…