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so at the request of a few readers i set up an email address that i’ll use exclusively for my blog. if you want to send me something post worthy or want to share something naughty feel free to send it on over. you can also ask me questions which i will answer on my blog. anything you want… advice, silly things or whatever.



A Tornado Is Coming. ..

And so am I… Mr. Fuck Me Eyes came in today… in uniform yum!… and he’s like… there’s a tornado coming and I was like yeah I know and he’s like it’s coming here and I was like yeah it’s totally gonna hit here and he was like yeah then we’ll be stuck here alllll night… and I was like yeahhh we WOULD be stuck here allllll night but I wouldn’t mind being stuck with you… then there was a waaaay too long pause which prolly was only like 3 seconds but long enough for me to turn red and walk away… lol… ugh. I can’t believe this awkward flirting has been happening for like 3 years now. One of these days I’m gonna suck his cock under the conveyor. Haha!