I Need PBA Cards

Well… I was orginally gonna call this post “who the fuck is (cop who pulled me over)? But I decided to be nice and leave his name out of this… anyway… tell me if this sounds fucked up…

I’m at work and I see this happening


And I’m kinda thinking… what do you have to do to get pulled over in a parking lot??

Well… I got my answer.

It’s time for me to leave so I walk to my car, get in, roll the windows down and drive away… I’m waiting at the light and he pulls up behind me. The light changes and I go left.  He follows me and turns the lights on. I pulled over into the bank parking lot. License registration insurance PBA card from a very nice customer/blog reader. He asks if I knew why I he pulled me over… I said window tints cuz there basically no laws to break in the 100 yards I’ve traveled so far… he asked me why I had them. I told him for nose picking. He asked how I knew the person who gave me the card. I told him. He asked what kinda blog. I told him partially about my ventures and how I want to get Kim K. or Jenny Mccarthy famous.  He said that he was gonna give me a warning but a judge can take my license away for window tint. I didn’t think window tint is a criminal offense.

Now… while I understand driving a car with window tint is against the law and I know I’m breaking it. wouldn’t that only apply to a moving vehicle and not one with the windows down? At no time that the car was moving were the windows obstructed. He watched me leave my job and get into my car that he previously observed with window tint on it…

Also, that’s kinda dick. My bf thinks he saw a pretty girl walking and found a reason.  I’m not 100% sure that’s the case tho.

Either way… since we all know the tint is staying… I would really appreciate some get out of stupid NJ law maybe go arrest the vagrants that harass the customers instead cards.  Thanks!!