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got over 400k hits!! how cool is that! thanks everyone!

on a more serious note… i don’t usually get political on my blog cuz typically i do not care.. after watching all this news coverage about baltimore and the riots… people just need to remember that the news reports what they want you to see… so all you morons forming your opinions on facebook are, without a doubt, under informed. i love reading posts from people who claim that others don’t understand “our struggle”… hahahaha… you’re not even from a real hood… you’re from ocean county new jersey… if your struggle was sitting in traffic, cracking your iphone screen, and getting your ankles ran into at the grocery store then kindly shut the fuck up. here’s a newsflash for you… if you don’t break the law and put yourself into bad situations then you will not have issues with law enforcement. so maybe instead of always trying to transfer blame and list the reasons why it’s not your fault, take responsibility for your actions. you’re not repressed, you’re just lazy, ignorant, and irresponsible.if you feel repressed… get informed, get a job, and get over it. work to get over it. change the situation instead of wallowing in it.  here’s an example of how one day life will be slightly annoying for me but it’s because of choices i made… i have tint on my windows. i know it’s illegal. i know that one day i’m gonna get pulled over for this and it’s not gonna be just a warning… ya know what i’m not gonna do? call the cop an asshole and try to tell him why i think i’m excused from the laws of this town/state/country that i agree to live by. if you don’t like the rules move somewhere else… don’t go set your own shit on fire. it proves nothing but how ignorant people are. that’s extra sad because i’m sure they all got cellphones with internets and access to all the information in the world. read a fucking book people.

something else that pisses me off… people who bring their shirts to the cleaners without unbuttoning them… how do you even get it off your body??

here’s something we can all agree on!

tried to rotate it in movie maker and upload it like that but it kept coming up as an error.. weird.

You Should Make A Blog.

Well now that you mention it… ughhhhhh Mr. Fuck Me Eyes, I thought you’d never ask… it’s only been like 4 years I’ve been talking on here about laying you out on the counter and having my way with you… fitting room is good too… so is the floor. Or the bathroom. I’d get on my knees on broken glass to suck your cock. just be able to look up at your pretty fucking eyes… lol… I’m gonna go back to my burnt onion roll now… just had to get that out of my head.