Not Enough Time In My Life

i know i say this all the time… but it’s the truth and i’m sticking to it. so a few weeks ago one of the employees quit at the other store… and that means they take my mid day girl… which means i get to work the entire day alone… it’s awesome… i just love spending the day in a sauna with machines breaking and no time to eat a hot lunch… then doing all of the normal work by myself finishing just in time for the next person to come in… lol… stupid.

but anyways… i may not have been able to get a pee break but i did snap a few pictures of people doing stupid things with their cars..

2015-06-12 14.58.15 2015-06-15 08.53.24 2015-06-16 13.25.24 2015-06-16 13.40.28 2015-06-16 16.09.20 2015-06-18 14.18.54 2015-06-19 11.08.15 2015-06-20 12.30.40 2015-06-20 18.02.27 2015-06-30 08.54.22 2015-07-06 14.35.47 2015-07-08 09.00.20 2015-07-09 16.22.49 2015-07-13 16.10.22 2015-07-14 09.44.55 2015-07-15 11.00.53 2015-07-22 13.24.10 2015-07-28 12.32.04 2015-08-12 11.52.34 2015-08-12 11.54.02like sometimes i wonder what makes people think it’s okay just to do what they want with their cars… i mean like… they must know what they are doing is against the law… why don’t they care that they are potentially screwing up another person’s day with their selfishness? like yesterday… i watched this jewish lady pull up to the fire zone in her minivan… her children were not buckled in… then she hands a little boy shirts to bring into the store… instead of letting him out of the van on the curb side she opens the door to the street side… like in fucking traffic… now aside from the chance of the kid getting hit and hurt… what about the person doing nothing wrong when some idiot mother lets her kid jump out of a minivan into the path of an oncoming car? sometimes it’s super hard to not say anything…

so here’s the deal with why i’m not posting as much on snapchat… i think i might have explained this before but department of the redundancy department is where it’s at for me lately… when i first got snapchat i knew the majority of people on there… over the last year i’ve picked up what i think are under-aged people and females who definitely aren’t interested in my antics… i’m considering making a new one… but i really like my user name so i probably won’t… i wish there was a way to confirm people’s ages on there… suggestions welcomed!

here’s some shit that cracked me up recently… i have these two friends on snapchat that are brothers… i’m pretty sure they do not know the other is my friend… it’s super funny to me how different they are in what they send me… one is very healthy and very much into fitness. sends pictures from the gym and whatever food concoction he’s eating at the time… the other brother is a total pot head always sending pictures of him smoking weed or pictures from his job… but i’ll be damned if they don’t have the SAME EXACT DICK…. hahahaha!! like… same size same shape same dick pic taking stance… i giggle when i see it.. kinda takes away from the sexual part of it and moves it into the scientific category…

i talked to another friend the other day… we’ve been chatting for years but never met… i know he jerks off to me all the time cuz he sends me lovely pictures and videos of it… never saw cum fly so fast and long in my life… anyways… he lets me know that him and his roommate often get caught by each other whacking it to my pictures because they forget to turn the sound off on my snapchatter page and the song starts playing really loud. LMAO… that’s so fucking funny… but i’m keeping it up there soooo… oh well!

it’s 10am and i need to get my ass to work now… but first… let me add some selfies! (to the snapchatter section)