I need to quit them… i’m like obsessed with nachos lately… salty tortilla chips covered in way too much mexican blend cheese and tons of salsa and bacon bits and guacamole and sour cream… so friggin good… i want some right now… but it’s only 8am and i finished the salsa yesterday. pretty sure that’s what’s making me fat… i’m 20lbs heavier than i was when i got married two years ago… no bueno.

didn’t sleep again last night… went out to dinner with my mom and one of her friends… got home at a normal time but with a massive headache… probably from the storms… or maybe it was from the babies screaming and crying in a bar… i hate that shit… aside from kids shouldn’t be in a bar… why the fuck can’t you just escort your crying child outside so you don’t disturb the other patrons? then someone is like… it’s really fucked up that you say things like that because you don’t know that child’s situation… and i’m like who fucking cares about it? the parents obviously don’t. their parent (who i’m 100% sure if familiar with their special needs) decided to bring them into an environment that would cause distress… A+ parenting there… it makes no fucking sense… when an adult gets drunk and unruly in a restaurant they don’t ask him what the unseen cause for his troubles are… they kick his ass out… why the fuck should the majority suffer for the 1 person who can’t handle the situation… that shit pisses me off so badly. worse than that… people that comment on the situation without even being in it… i could see the kid… there was nothing wrong with it except it was fucking late and the place was loud as hell and kids shouldn’t be in fucking bars… the parent was ignoring it. so pretty much anyone that thinks i should go to a restaurant pay the price to eat that everyone else has to pay, wait for my food, and sit there and eat it while having to listen to someone elses bad life choices erupt in the booth next to me should just FUCK OFF. NOT EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO EVERYTHING. these are the type of people who agree with participation trophies and are most likely voting for Hillary just because they are both females. ughhhhh i hate this world sometimes.

anyways…  i’m hoping today isn’t as busy as yesterday… it’s too hot to be working that hard… didn’t end up leaving here until after 5 yesterday… got to see this beautiful thing in the parking lot tho…

0725161309a95HDRstranger than that… as i was leaving the parking lot… the giant Planters Peanut Mobile was at the light… there must have been something going on yesterday cuz two in one day is just weird.

why do people think it’s okay to bring their dogs in here? do they really think people want a fucking dog hanging out with the dry cleaning? also i’m fucking allergic…

2016-07-26 08.27.05draw back to having a pet store right next to us… better than locking the dog in the car… but for real… the first time one of them pisses or shits on my floor i’m gonna lose it.

bright and early in tri city plaza

2016-07-26 07.54.48not a single car in sight… parks sideways. lol.

caught an opportunity to sneak a few pics this morning… it only took my coworkers wife getting into a car accident and him not being here on time… (she okay tho)

we all win

2016-07-26 07.52.19 2016-07-26 07.52.24 2016-07-26 07.53.47lol… it’s hot as fuck in here already… not as bad as yesterday tho.

just adding stuff to my amazon wishlist…. is it normal for a blu ray to cost 70 something dollars? i’m new to that stuff… i just got the player for my birthday a week ago… i bought a few in best buy… they weren’t 70 bucks… idk… maybe some movies just aren’t available on blu ray… or however the fuck it’s spelled.

there’s a fucking fly in here that keeps landing on me… go away!!! i gotta find the fly swatter… it’s gotta be around here somewhere…

this no sleep thing is starting to effect my brain function… i totally forgot to leave the door open for my house keeper… good job on that one cuz i remembered to leave the money out and i remembered to pre clean my house… super annoyed with myself right now.

armed and dangerous. lol... so scary looking with that giant flower on the back.

armed and dangerous. lol… so scary looking with that giant flower on the back.

it’s 915 am and my phone is already at 51%… not good.

this just happened.

customer parked in fire zone

customer parked in fire zone

customer getting told to move by my favorite traffic officer!

customer getting told to move by my favorite traffic officer!

are you a fire truck? NO!

hahaha! Love it!

2 hours till lunch time!!! i’m starving!!! i really don’t want pizza today tho… gonna have to take a trip to the stop and shop… but what do i want??? it’s kinda fucked up but i can totally wonder that store forever and not find a single thing i want to eat. maybe i’ll eat this banana to hold me over…  2016-07-26 10.09.19 2016-07-26 10.09.45 2016-07-26 10.09.56just kidding! i bit it! lol

my driver just informed me that he has no gag reflex… for eating Popsicles…

alrighty… just found stuff to do for about 40 minutes… now i’m bored again… at least it’s only 1 hour and 11 minutes until lunch…

more useless knowledge… lactation is a genre of porn… great. my day is complete…

no wait! the weiner dog mobile is back!! now my day is complete!

time for some netflix and get paid!


Umm… We Have A Situation…

Not the best way to start a blog post, either… that’s what the pilot got on the intercom and said last Monday as i was flying back from Tampa to Philly… Did a nice little girls weekend… spa, fancy food, strip club… ya know the norm… any tiny bit of relaxation i afforded myself was 100% ruined after flight delays, mechanical issues and a pilot with a bedside manor equivalent to… idk… jack the ripper…

the kid who works in the dollar store just stopped by to say hi… there’s something about him i just can’t put my finger on… he’s good looking so he gets positive points for that… he smokes which takes a lot away… he’s quicker than me to call the cops on people doing bad shit in the parking lot.. so points for that… but his willingness to give me “free” stuff from his job kinda is just not a turn on… either way… i’m married so it doesn’t even matter… he’s like the type of guy i probably would have fucked in the movie theater parking lot in my early 20s.

kinda disappointed right now… i’ve got this peach that i bought a few days ago… i thought it was gonna be super juicy… it’s not even juicy at all… just mushy… i don’t even like the way it tastes but my blood sugar is low so i gotta just keep going…

so my birthday was almost a week ago… haven’t done the birthday dinner yet cuz people haven’t been around… it’s kinda okay tho cuz i have no idea where to go… i’m sick of all the normal places… Houilhans, Carrabbas and Fridays are like where we go every week just cuz i don’t feel like cooking… who knows… still got a few days to figure it out…

work has been super stressful… we finally got a new boiler… well… a different boiler… the people showed up here last Tuesday to install it… they took the old one out… and as they take the new one off the truck i happen to glance at it’s plate… it’s a 1993… it’s was manufactured 23 years ago… the old one was from 1993… like wtf? my boss just cuts corners everywhere… so what happens next? service calls the next two days in a row… it seems to be doing okay now tho… hopefully this gets me some of my life back instead of having to be here 12 hours a day to keep an eye on it… it’s too fucking hot to have that thing running non stop…

so let’s see… i haven’t been sleeping… like i wake up 3 to 5 times a night… weird fucking dreams too… i’m hoping this all goes away in a few weeks… i went to a dermatologist about a month and a half ago for 1 thing and she suggested that i have a mole biopsied cuz it looks not good… i decided to wait until after my vacation… then further than that i wanted the best of the best doctor around to do it… so i couldn’t get an office visit until august 5th… hopefully it’s just an ugly mole that just happened to show up 2 years ago look fine then change rapidly for funsies and nothing more… at least the scar will be on my back… we will seeee… never had anything like this before…

one of my workers just knocked about 100 hangers off a bar onto the floor… i’m gonna leave it for my afternoon girls to sort through… i’ll be paying them to pretty much sit around later anyway…

there was just a customer looking straight at my computer… like i was in the front and she is behind my desk with her purse on my seat just looking at my computer screen… like WHAT THE FUCK!!!?????  her grand kid is in the fitting room.. go sit on the bench, bitch.

closed the browser window this time…. anyways… it’s busy as hell in here today… it’s not supposed to be… and everyone wants their stuff in a rush and for cheap… that shit annoys me… gotta take a break for a little while and get some work done….

well… like 4 hours has gone by… it’s currently 97 degrees plus 100% humidity in here… just had to bum an extension cord off the pizza place cuz the one keeping my laptop juiced up decided to stop working… lovely.

my boss wants to take one of my shirt girls to work down at his store because he wants to fire a girl down there… that’s not fair. none of them want to go there and the only one that could fill in here doesn’t want to do that job… even for a raise. worse than that… he wants to send a non-mexican to mark shirts… it’s gonna be a disaster.

in addition to all this… i’m pretty sure i fucked my back up… don’t even know how but i’ve got some nasty sciatic pain happening.

oh well.

this fucking thing...

this fucking thing…

2016-06-28 05.46.51

tanning before vacation

tanning before vacation

new bra from one of my followers

new bra from one of my followers

someone got me the pineapple charm off my wishlist!

someone got me the pineapple charm off my wishlist!

2016-07-16 15.46.35

slutty shirt for the strip club

slutty shirt for the strip club

took my hair out and it stayed. lol

took my hair out and it stayed. lol

walked around the resort in pj's shhhhh

walked around the resort in pj’s shhhhh

pool flow

pool flow

2016-07-17 09.49.17 2016-07-17 09.49.46

fancy dinner

fancy dinner

work flashes

work flashes

2016-07-22 10.27.44

on my couch.

on my couch.

i have zero pictures of people parking badly… what is going on????

anyways… back to my story from up top… so after an earlier flight steals my plane due to a weird odor and we get switched to their plane… have to wait an hour passed boarding time before they resolve it… get in the air finally… he comes on and says… the airports are closed in philly, nj, and ny due to storms… holding pattern until we can land at phl or until we have to land somewhere else to refuel. we circled virginia FOREVER!!! and when a plane is flying in a circle… it is felt… so after what was literally FOREVER…. we get cleared to land at 545… it’s like 5pm… so then the descent… the plane didn’t gradually come down out of the sky… it fell… the turbulence was like nothing i’ve ever felt… people were scream… not the children… the adults… just screaming… i now understand why they make you wear the seat belt the entire time… there was a mark across my lap from it… it really could have been the end right there… glad it wasn’t but it’s gonna be a really long fucking time before i fly anywhere again…

so how that relates to this… for a little while i was thinking about calling it quits on the writing… of course, maintaining the domain and hosting… i feel bad when people are like where are you? why don’t you post? anything new lately? and i’m starting to sound like a broken record with the reasons why i just don’t have time to do it. but on the other hand… i want to do it and i like to do it… so i guess i’ll just try to make time…

my worker just came up front and asked if the bin of hangers was garbage? HAHAHAHHAHHA!!! #nope