Case of the Mondays

I kinda just don’t feel like it today… got a pile of work over here… it’s almost 9am and i’m typing this instead. Might go and make some oatmeal in a little while too…

so it’s been a week since i burned my shoulder on one of the machines in the back… this is what i get when i’m trying to fix something that i shouldn’t be fucking with… but then again… if i don’t do it, no one will… and then i’ll have to send the 4 girls home, none of the work will get done and i’ll be getting not so nice phone calls from about 10 businesses.  i went to the hospital to have it checked the day i did it and to get a tetanus shot… the injection site and muscle still hurt… the burn doesn’t hurt at all… all the skin around it is friggin killing me from all of the tape i’ve been using… trying to go today without covering it… we will see how that goes.

2016-08-29 06.02.29

that’s pretty fucking ugly.


okay… it’s now 12:32… guess i got busy… one of my shirt girls just brought me a bag of today’s dry cleaning that the driver took on saturday then brought back here for reasons unknown to anyone on this fucking planet… this day literally just got 3 hours longer. it’s not like i really have anything else to do but stilllllll it’s hot and i don’t want to be here.

anyways… here’s some pictures who can’t see to get off the pole.

2016-08-16 09.40.582016-08-29 08.31.362016-08-23 08.55.57

there was this one other lady that i couldn’t get a video of because i had a customer… she backed out of the first spot… scraped the curb so badly you could hear the rim just being eaten away by the concrete… she then panicked and put the car back into drive. gunned it forward and nailed the pole. then she backed out again and we just watch the car sink to the ground. she then drove away on basically the rim and some flattened rubber like nothing had happened… there is no way she made it home.

went to a burlesque show in atlantic city last week… IT WAS AWESOME! some lady got up and left about 2 minutes into the opening act… she’s like “i don’t like language like this” hahaha.. what the fuck did she think she signed up for?

these are not in order but whatever.

2016-08-25 18.50.36 2016-08-25 18.50.47 2016-08-25 18.51.23 2016-08-25 18.59.32 2016-08-25 19.00.24 2016-08-25 19.10.46 2016-08-25 20.38.05IMG_2766 IMG_2767 Snapchat-2393191470215237281 Snapchat-4822456419949293688

it was so much fun and there was titties and asses everywhere!

Saw Sausage Party… twice… that movie is the most racist thing i’ve ever seen in my life… like worse than American History X and my sister in-law put together… and she’s a giant fucking racist. however, the writing is absolutely flawless, especially if you paid attention in history class.

what else? hmmm… it’s 1:18 and i think it’s time for lunch… i should probably have something healthy… i like REALLY need to start working out again. ohhh i finished my shoe wall project!! it’s magnificent! i also found my finger monster while rearranging the furniture!!! total win!

2016-08-27 18.09.38 2016-08-27 18.10.12

so anyways… i guess i should go get some lunch now… finish this up in a little while.

okay! lunch is over… let’s see what other pictures i’ve got in here.

he lives on the shelf

he lives on the shelf

2016-08-02 13.34.35 2016-08-03 16.07.52 2016-08-08 14.04.59-1 2016-08-08 15.19.55-1 2016-08-09 14.48.59 2016-08-12 10.05.16 2016-08-15 14.57.40 2016-08-19 11.32.24

one last one… from the other night in the hotel. lol

2016-08-25 17.16.39

updated my wishlist so check that out and get me stuffs.

that’s all i’ve got!