Throw Back Thursday

So… the mole on my back definitely wasn’t cancer but he still wants to cut more of it out and stitch it up because of abnormal cells that could one day turn to cancer… that butchering will be happening at the end of September… probably right around the time the first incision heals.

i went over my friends house the other day and she had stumbled upon the most interesting thing… pictures of us from probably about 10 years ago… when we were skinny and before i had boobs… here we go…

2016-08-04 20.03.23 2016-08-04 20.03.51 2016-08-04 20.03.58 2016-08-04 20.03.17 2016-08-04 20.03.09 2016-08-04 20.03.29-1 2016-08-04 20.03.42 2016-08-04 20.03.36crazy.

It’s Not a Melanoma¬†

But it was still super irregular and needs to be tested. I’ll find out later this week if it’s anything to be worried about or not… 

In other news… that doctor was super fucking hot. Holy shit. And funny too… not like most of em with no personality. He did tell me to stop with the tanning bed tho. =/ He’s right but like… I like to be tan and not see through white. I also like not having skin cancer… I’ll think about it. 

Hopefully this heals nicely. Surprisingly it doesn’t hurt. Like not even when he cut it off. I was probably distracted by his sexy fucking eyes. I bet he works out too. Mmm. I scheduled a full body examine but it’s not until the end of December. Gives me time to get in better shape. Lol. 

Off to work!