7 Weeks

So… 7 weeks ago i decided i was way too fat… none of my clothes fit me and it literally hurt to sit in the car… strange, i know… so i decided to do a major diet and workout overhaul… anyways. i’m down like 16 lbs… not to shabby… last week was a bit of a cheat week but i’m back on it now… got another 14 lbs to go… i’d like to have that accomplished in about 8 weeks from now… we will see…

i haven’t been taking many pictures cuz i kinda want to wait a few more weeks. it’s weird. i kinda hate my body more now than i did when i was fatter… we can probably just chalk that up to girls are crazy.

another odd thing has been happening… on my Facebook… I’ve literally been getting friend requests by the dozens… not sure what happened there but it’s gone up about 100 people in about a week and a half… before that i don’t think i gained a person in months… just a reminder… if you find me on here and then friend me on Facebook and then act like a complete fool… i’m gonna block you… no warnings. just blocksies. this includes writing weird shit on my timeline, tagging me in spam posts, any sort of comment about me being married, prying into personal shit (if you don’t actually know me in real life then watch what you say) and basically anything that i feel is inappropriate for my mother to see. Oh and DON’T CALL ME DEAR. I’m not your dear. i also kinda find it condescending… like hun, or babe.

it was so nice and cozy in here… everyone was warm and happy and no one was complaining… then the tailor comes in and opens the fucking vent, turns the fan on and opens the door. now it’s drafty and cold and the only comfortable person is him… wear short fucking sleeves already!!! ughhhhhhh

i’m surprised how slow this morning is going… i could draw some customers in here by making breakfast but it’s too early… got another 2 hours for that… got an entire bottle of water and a tea to finish first.

So… i think i mentioned it but I’ve been taking a class for a boiler license.. it’s actually super interesting even tho most of what we’re learning doesn’t apply to my boiler… but then again… the typical rules of society never apply in the cleaners. i did, however, get my emergency operating permit so we’re at least not gonna get shut down. this coming Wednesday we’re going on a class trip to see the boiler room of brick hospital… i need an outfit for that i think… maybe some pink work boots and a pink plaid shirt…. that would be good. i may go work on that for a minute or two.

okay so that was like an hour… and I’ve got a bunch of other works to do now… so i’m gonna put a pause on this for later.

Okay… it’s now 11am… just had my breakfast… it’s been pretty busy… ordered my outfit for Wednesday… and got 2 messages on Facebook with someone calling me dear… another one asked how my family was? like… YOU DON’T KNOW ME OR MY FAMILY… what a weird fucking question.

Anyways… i guess i should start weeding through my dropbox pictures… gotta have a least 1 or 2 i can post. don’t want to disappoint. probably gonna take another few hours with the rate this is going.

not too bad… it’s 12pm… didn’t find many pictures tho… but i knew that was gonna be the case…

here’s some of my favorite thing ever!

This fucking guy… i posted this on my facebook because it just pissed me off so much… first and foremost… we didn’t get ANY snow down here… that means, in addition to him parking in the fire lane, he drove AT LEAST 25 miles with his car like that… clean your fucking car you lazy shit. get a parking space too you double lazy shit.

Would it really take that much more effort to just turn the wheel? if you can’t just turn the wheel maybe you shouldn’t be driving.

It like never gets old and it never goes away…

this one was taken at our other store… 3 fucking people in a row… ughhh!!

i get that you’re probably waiting for someone to come out of a store to pick them up but whyyyyy can’t you just park right?

St. Patrick’s Day Outfit!


A little snapchat fun from the other night..



only titty pic i don’t completely hate

well… that’s it for now… got some other work things to do today… plus my sad sad lunch that i have to make… it’s gonna be worth it tho.

#snuglife   fucking epic.