Longest Day Of The Year

….and i’m stuck at work… it should be an interesting day here tho… the entire back parking lot is blocked off for resurfacing… that means all deliveries are going to be in the front of the stores… hahahhaha… it’s gonna be a shit show… these are the days i wish i had parking lot cameras to watch… It’s unusually busy for this time of the year too… i’m supposed to be lounging around in a beach chair out front… but noooooo…. not any more…

my hamster died 2 weeks ago… i think i’m gonna stop getting them from Petsmart… they don’t even last a year… i had a gerbil for like 6 years when i was like 18 to 24… this little thing was like fine in the morning (so says my housekeeper) then like dead a few hours later… totally not cool. i probably won’t get another one anytime soon tho… need a break from the responsibility.. haha..

i don’t feel like doing a fucking thing today… i’ve gotta go pick up my car from the dealer tho… guess what! back in friggin service! this time it was a heat shield bracket that fell off… i was hearing this weird noise when i hit the gas… but not all the time and more so when the car was cold… took them two days to find it but whatever… at least i don’t have to pay for it… this car is ridiculous with all the shit wrong with it.. but i can order my next car in 6 to 8 weeks and then get it 6 to 8 weeks after that… so hopefully in 12 to 16 weeks i’ll be done with this shit.

got a delivery! brb!

sat down to type the next sentence and my next guy shows up… guess i’ve gotta do some work for a while… i think i’ll put on netflix… and i’m gonna try not to get sucked in.

okay… work is all caught up for now… i should have a few minutes before my driver gets here… not sure why i told him to come this early today… i thought we were more ahead than we actually are… oh well. i guess i should start going through my pictures now… it’s easier since it’s only been like 3 weeks.

parked here for like 15 minutes

moved to here… a few minutes

then up a little more until…

this guy gets here… the guy in the truck comes here sometimes twice a day to meet people in the parking lot with paper work… one day i will figure out why?

this guy just came in here… his ticket is for after 5 today… it’s for alterations that he dropped on on friday… normally alterations take a week… i said “it’s for today just later.” he said “well why couldn’t you get them done yesterday?” i said ” we have other things that are due for yesterday, which is why we give you a date and time” is this really that hard of a concept? like why if we intended to do them sooner would we not tell you to come back sooner? it’s not like we do your stuff and hold it hostage… people are incredible sometimes…

these people are also incredible human beings.

Chinese Fire Drill… except they ran into a store?

got into it with these idiots… they tell me i shouldn’t be driving back there because it’s a fire zone… i’m like… it’s a driveway for ALL the businesses in the plaza… and further more… if it’s a fire zone… WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU PARKED? dude in the jeep thought he could go around me while i was patiently waiting… nope… 

Black car is actually parked at that stop sign…. the horns went on for days…

That’s Houdini… he’s trying to bum money… that mother fucker is crazy…. talks to himself, flails his arms all over… curses at people… call the cops… and Houdini DISAPPEARS… it’s amazing.

This one… just basically sums up what this plaza has turned into…

parked there long enough for me to walk passed it on the way to get my hair washed and still be there after… get a spot, guy.

This is the shit that’s been going on in my neighborhood… this lot is supposed to fit 5 cars…

The very next day… got the spacing right but at the expense of the bush

Left the trunk open all night too. Karma.

Finally got under 150!

Back to the bikini this year!

Ugly friggin scar. =/

Loving the side view!

Not hating the front.

okay… that didn’t take too much time today… it’s only 11am… i gotta go pick up my car… hopefully there’s no traffic on the parkway and i can really beat the rental up a bit. haha!

good day!

Alright Already

March 20th seems like a fucking eternity ago… Geez…  Way too long… It’s Saturday afternoon about 4:11pm… I just got in from another way too eventful work week… Sometimes I think having a holiday off actually makes things worse. We recently acquired a new account out of Lakewood… That’s approximately 1000 extra white shirts a week… With my same old broken down all the time machines… Well that’s not entirely true. I did get a brand new machine a few weeks ago, unfortunately, being new does not exclude it from the broken down list. It’s literally something everyday. Tuesday the 2hp compressor we bought on May 3rd  to help out the main compressor broke. Nothing starts the week better than already being a day behind and a broken compressor… No worries tho… I reconnected the old one to the line and we somehow made it through week. My boss swears we’re getting the main compressor replaced on Monday… I only half believe it because I scheduled the appointment myself… I’ll believe it fully when they actually show up on Monday.

I finished my boiler school classes… Got my test date coming up two Mondays from now… Hopefully I pass. lol. I’ve heard from some people the test is a joke and then from others that they can really trick you…

Let’s see… In addition to work stress my car has been driving me insane. I had the seat warmer problem back in November through April. They couldn’t fix that so I got paid. But now there are other problems with the car that no one can seem to be able to fix… I’m waiting on Nissan to either buy the car back or just let me out of the lease… They have to “review my service history” the rep said that will take 10 business days… Just long enough to get another payment in there… lol… I was like… I know the car has been in service 30 something times in 30 months but 10 days is a long time to read the paperwork… whatever… I only get annoyed about this when my brain has some downtime from the work drama.

Some good news! I’m down 25 lbs!! Feeling much better in my body… It was getting to be a little too much… It shouldn’t hurt to sit in the car… or at my desk… I’ve got like 8 more lbs to go before I reach my goal… I’ve kinda taken a bit of a break from trying but I’m maintaining nicely. Made some money selling all my fat girl clothes, too… (not nearly as much as I’ve spent on new skinnier girl clothes). I’ve also learned to not buy clothing off of Amazon.. Tried 3 times.. Returned 3 times.

I have updated my amazon wishlist lately and my birthday is coming up…. Got that all planned out too! Girls trip so there will definitely be a photo shoot to two! 46 more days!! I need a few days off in a row sooo sooo badly.

It’s now 4:31pm… I’m watching the LPGA play at Seaview… I could have actually gone to watch this but I didn’t get out of work on time… I really do miss a lot of stuff cuz of this job. lol but I probably spend way less money than I would if I had more free time. Plus dry cleaning is my life! lol

Hubbs just sent me this… totally coulda been there… bah!

I made a french vanilla coffee before I sat down on the couch… it’s too far away… and it’s probably cold now.

It’s now 4:40pm… It took me that long to get that picture from my phone to my computer… For some reason my dropbox hasn’t uploaded a photo in 9 days… Now they are ALL going… Very annoying. Also, my foot has pins and needles… That happens a lot.

As soon as all this uploading stops I’ll be able to look for some pictures to post. It’s probably gonna be an unsorted hodgepodge of things. But who really cares as long as there’s some boobies… Oh speaking of boobies… Are there any higher end strip clubs in Atlantic City? I look up clubs on the Googs but they aren’t all still in business and who can really trust a Google review anyway?

The Sudafed I took when I got home is finally kicking in… Allergies have been so fucking horrible this year… I spend my time going between can’t fucking breath and slightly fucked up on nasal decongestants… It’s a lovely balance…

Looks like the uploads are complete… Gonna go find some pics to post.

5:32pm… Didn’t heat up the coffee… 1 pee break. 1 phone call from my boss and all the pictures uploaded to WordPress and captioned… Now I’ve gotta put them in the post… I need a mouse for this… and it’s right next to me so I don’t have to get up again! Yay!! Gotta celebrate the small wins!

This is what excites me lately lol

I fixed that myself… it was leaking too much air… but once I fixed it the safety valve blew.

That little gold thing at the top with the ring on it is a safety valve… it’s too small for the compressor but the largest size anyone stocks in a pinch… it blew… sounded like a fucking machine gun for 3 hours straight in my store…

Sometimes I leave myself motivational notes.

Here’s Another

Lot of this going on lately.

Would like to see more of this!

This one hits the trifecta… backwards, fire lane, out way too far.

There are different levels of parking lot stupid. This is close to the top.

Car Meets Pole

Super fucking busy in the parking lot… let me just park here and make it worse!

Maybe it’s one of those cars that only looks backwards in the fire lane?

No clue.

Parked in the middle of the road… I wonder what other excellent life choices you’ve made?

Parked… diagonal and also in the middle… asked where the Verizon store was… I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that it is not in the middle of the road.

Why does everyone do this at this stop sign? That’s the fucking shoulder… It’s not a lane, people!

March 29th

Also March 29th

April 13th

June 1st

Fresh Hairs Two Days Ago

I know I say this all the time but I’m really gonna try to blog more… fingers crossed on that! As for Snapchat… Who knows…  In theory, it’s easy to send a snap every now and then… In actually, i just forget to do it.

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