It’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting in my store washing and drying all of my personal comforters… they have been piling up one by one for the last 6 months of so…. every week i’m like i’m gonna get one of these done one of these days… and for 28 straight weeks there has been not a drop of extra time to get them done. It wasn’t even the comforters that brought me here today… it was yet another machine repair that i just couldn’t get done during the week. As I was sorting through all the pictures that i wanted to post I was taking notice of all the ones of broken machines… 17 different things. some of course repeat… i think i finally might have a decent handle on the machine issues seeing as we just bought a new compressor… 3rd one in as many years… it shouldn’t be like that. We are also unseasonably busy for this time of year… the next closest cleaners to us burned down about 6 weeks ago and there’s about 4 new townhouse neighborhoods that are starting to open up… we have just been inundated. I’m actually kinda scared for what’s gonna happen in September when it’s actually busy. Even tho the sign says closed right now and the door was locked i just had a customer… i told the first 4 people no but this guy was relentless… Very annoying… You would think coming here on a Sunday would yield me so alone time but nope… the tailor and his friend are here too… I’ve lost my entire train of thought and desire to write anything… I’m just gonna post my pictures and be like whatever.

This must be one of those new middle of the road parking spaces.

enjoying some lunch in the fire zone

the lines are optional.

busy parking lot? let’s just fuck it up worse.


let me just park my car in the middle of the road.

senior citizen standoff… neither one of them could figure their way out..

picked up this beauty a few months ago! no more skidding around in the winter!

The Sweetest Thing at a car show

So Sexy!

Got the tips powder coated!

Took a 10th off!

nothing boosts workplace morale like a 12 foot beach ball!

This popcorn looks like a dick.

I’ve clearly got the most interesting feet ever.

Favorite nails this year

Favorite nails this year

Named this one Sapphire… cuz it’s got a blue trigger!

Getting way better than i was at shooting it too!

This is the way to a girls heart.

my first build a bear! Cupcake the Unicorn

Of course she has matching roller skates!

Birthday nails!

Birthday nails!

finally found time in the last 10 years to do a photo shoot with a photographer friend… i’m in like 3 or 4 magazines too! this also was my first time ever having this kinda ice cream… i’ve had a lot since.. lol

The rest are just randoms of me in various states of undress… tons of booty pictures lately… enjoy!

Why is this post called Nipples? oh yeah…. cuz this day started off with me driving to 3 different home improvement stores to figure out a way to get 12 inches of pipe to hook up an automatic blow down device to the new compressor… like 3 different stores in the damn rain… if that isn’t the perfect way to describe the last 6 months of my life i don’t know what is… driving around in circles trying to lose as little time as possible of production and keep the customers and accounts off my ass… i’m getting through it even tho it seems like everyone is working against me… a few drinks and a few parking lot ugly cries… hopefully in a few months i will be able to buy this place and have the decision making power all to myself… like routine scheduled machine maintenance!! whoooaaa!! what a concept… like literally all the bullshit i’ve been dealing with lately was completely preventable and even tho i say i don’t have a crystal ball… most of this was foreseeable… so yeah… that’s where i’ve been.

I’m gonna try to do this again so but really… who knows? Leave some love in the comments!