I Made It

Through September… I’m not exactly sure how but I did… and I’d have to say I kept it together better than I was expecting to… there was only like 2 real mental breakdowns but i handled that shit after business hours. I’m not even 100% they were even dry cleaning related.  LOL… We had the busiest month on record. 3 Jewish holidays back to back to back and 1 employee who took half a month off in Hawaii… but whatever. I rocked that shit. 13 plus hour days? Easy Peasy! I’m never gonna put myself in that position again… like ever.

So… aside from a ridiculously growing business there’s not much else going on… i decided that I need to hire another part time person to cover a couple afternoons a week to get me some time away. I really want to focus on not eating like shit and getting back to working out at least 4 times a week. It would be easier if I could actually get out of work at a reasonable time and be able to cook again instead of over eating at a restaurant and then coming home and not being able to move. hahaha…. We will see about all that… Not a single person has applied. Well one did… She wrote “bad management” as the reason she left her last job…. As an employer… that actually means “can’t be managed” but I digress.

I got a new dishwasher, washer and dryer… decided it was time for nicer shit. dishwasher is pimp as fuck with is pimp stick handle… washes the dishes good too… it fucking better for 1k $$ … I took a shot with the front load washer and dryer again… Last time was about 4 years ago and they didn’t work properly… Kept stopping in the middle and restarting never actually finishing the wash… I guess they have updated the technology cuz these new ones work great… and they look fantastic too!

Gotta go run to the stupid Fed Ex pick up place in Lakewood… today they tried to deliver a pair of pants I ordered… SIGNATURE NEEDED…. but at the same time they had no problem at all leaving my new high limit metal Mastercard that comes with its own cleaning cloth in a fancy box right there on my front porch…  like what the fuck right? I could buy like 500 pairs of those pants with that card… Makes no sense. Anyways… brb

My goodness that took way too long… I would walk in to that place directly after one girl who wanted to ship something but didn’t know the address and another dude who was shipping his entire life but didn’t box anything up himself… ah well.

apparently i didn’t clock out for a month or two.

how awesome is this!

appliances are sexy… and i’m definitely in my 30’s

Just two flies…. fucking on the pole

When memes make it to an actual wall!

Enough soap? Debatable.

my fabulous car and its awesome cupcake emblems!

no one as cool as me!

the only acceptable combination.

this mother fucker staring me down hard.

something’s not quite right here…

and very much wrong here.

And now for some pictures of me! Some of these were posted on this Facebook page I joined about a month ago… It’s super good for my ego… Got over 10k likes on a few posts… I need that kinda thing…

It’s now almost 13 hours later from when i started this…. had to take a break and get on my elliptical…. gained about 4 lbs from the beginning of September to the end…. unacceptable. 

So it’s Tuesday morning and I’m hoping for another slow day before the explosion of Lakewood that’s gonna happen tomorrow. At least I got this done!


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