So Far So Not Good…

3 video links and some pictures and a lot of complaining….

Friday was prolly the worst day i had in a very long time… i’m guessing it was really bad luck that my car decided to stop working in the middle of an intersection with my friend and her 4 year old on the hottest day of the summer… the cop that stayed behind me so some asshole didn’t run into me was really nice tho.

Me giving the cop my blog website!

Me giving the cop my blog website!

Getting put on the truck

Getting put on the truck

Hey why not?

Hey why not?

Bad Car Day Part 1

Bad Car Day Part 2

Saturday wasn’t quite so bad… in fact, it was actually pretty awesome… like how could a bouncy house for adults ever be bad? welllll… after some alcohol and all the kids gone and a ridiculous rain storm it got pretty intense…

I'm up!

I’m up!

I'm holding on!

I’m holding on!

....annnnd i'm down!

….annnnd i’m down!

man that thing was dirty and slippery after the rain… here’s a video from before the rain

Birthday Bounce

So literally like 5 minutes ago the auto lenders guy called me to tell me that the brake light wiring is bad and it might not be covered under the warranty i bought that’s supposed to cover bumper to bumper… ain’t that great… and also it only covers 2 days of rental car… so let’s see… i’m on day 3 already and they have to order a part… i love how they told me i wouldn’t have to pay for the rental car at all and also how the first two days their fucking shop was closed so that’s not even fair… ughhhhhh…. such bullshit… i guess i should just wait to see how it all actually plays out before getting nuts over it… i bought a new car so i wouldn’t have to deal with this shit… just can’t win…

while i’m complaining… while i was killing time before my party on saturday i went to home goods and found this really awesome pink couch for my entry way… i bought it and told them to hold it for me until i could get there the next day to pick it up with a van… so my mom meets me there with her van and they load the couch from the cart to the van and all down the side was these black marks… ughhhh…. so i’m like well i may as well return it now… so the guy comes out after we get it out of the van and he tells me that i can take it home try to get the stain out and then return it if it doesn’t work… so i do just that… the stain didn’t move…. so we bring it back unload it from the car and i finally get to go to the diner to get stuffed clams cuz i’m like starving by then… JUST KIDDING! my moms van won’t start at all… it’s parked right in front of the store where we unloaded and it’s friggin stuck… i seriously have been having the worst luck ever lately… but WAIT! there’s more! after waiting for her husband to come and move the truck and all that we go to the diner to finally get stuffed clams… they don’t make them anymore… WTF????

okay i’m done now.

no i’m not… i brought my left over cake to work… the girls in the back put it in the fridge! whyyyyyyy???? now it’s gonna be gross… it was in a fucking cake carrier… why would they do that????

now i’m done.

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  1. I am sure it goes without saying, but you ass looks amazing in the bouncy photos. I may or may not have jacked off to those pics:)

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