Computer Took A Shit

My computer is broken… totally splains the lack of postings lately… I ordered a new one today and I should have it by Friday… maybe sooner if I find the time to go pick it up… my old one is running so poorly I can’t even upload pictures without it freezing… it’s even worse for videos and netflix… so tragic…

In other tragic news… someone crashed into the back of my Cadillac … saddest day of my existence seeing my pimp beast smushed up… it could have maybe been salvageable if the dude didn’t hit it so hard it propelled into the next car… =*(   such a terrible labor day weekend… everyone’s like oh you’ll get money for it… I don’t want fucking money for it… I want it! The reason I couldn’t bring myself to sell it is because I love it… I owned it and it was mine and some dude (who got a careless driving ticket) took it away from me forever… whaahhh…

Also, this morning my building at work was on fire… the 30 something firefighters and police officers might beg to differ but there was smell, smoke and all the fire alarms on my side of the plaza going off to support my theory… either way… they all had a nice wake up call to jolt them into the work week…

I know this is a weird thing to post on my blog and I usually stay away from health issues butttttt… has anyone ever heard of being allergic to potatoes? Not much on Google..  maybe I’m starting a new trend…

So as soon as I get my computer and all that jazz I’ll be posting the rest of the shoots from last month… stick with me peeps!




7 thoughts on “Computer Took A Shit

  1. I hope you get a new computer and begin posting again soon. Your blog has kept me very entertained. I give you tons of respect for being the person you want to be. Fuck the haters! You be you, girl.

    • i did get windows 8 on my new computer… which i almost broke several times… it’s currently at my computer place getting switched back to windows 7

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