Jeebus And The Benzito

So today i’m like doing my thing at work and my coworker has this thing playing on his laptop about god… i’m listening to it and this guy is going on and on about how people should praise god and build him up… so of course in my general disgust for this shit i ask him why does someone so high and mighty need to be lifted up? shouldn’t someone of that stature be confident in his abilities and not require the praise of others? he said i should call on god. i asked for god’s phone number i’ll give him a call right now… he said i needed to call on god again… i asked for his address i’ll get in my car and drive there right now… how about on facebook? i’ll send him a friend request… does god tweet on his twitter??? hmmmm…. then he said that i have to pray to the spirit… yeah… that’s when i said i’d sooner pray to cats than something that doesn’t exist in reality… i know! i’ll go to church next and give them all my money… i’ll live like a piece of shit so the pastor can have a nice house and car…. so… i ask again… what does your pastor drive?? hmm? what’s he behind the wheel of??? a car he says… a car…  i’m sure it’s not something with cloth seats and no car payment hole in the tail pipe and needs a new engine….  and that was the end of that… Dr. Stanley… that’s the morons name who spews this shit… i bet that mother fucker has 7 houses.

let’s google… for starters… he is divorced from his wife and estranged from his son… that’s really the letter of the religious law there… oh and he makes 300k a year just from being the CEO of his ministry… CEO sounds like a business term to me… and that’s exactly what it is… business… spend your money on something tangible instead… like i don’t understand why people need this belief in some higher spirit to do the right thing… why can’t you just do the right thing on your own? why do we need a belief in something that can’t be seen to do well onto others? why can’t that just be something we do on our own and not out of fear of the unknown?

this shit really irks me…

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