Thanks For That

C.M.F….It’s the definition of unfair what you just did to me… you know you looked good in those pics you just dangled in front of my face… if we were alone I would have grabbed you by your dick and dragged you to the fitting room and let you dangle something else in my face… my goodness… it’s totally okay that you didn’t want to send them because the image of your chisled body in those shorts will be permanently etched into my brain… so sexy… I might just have to take myself to the fitting room… ughhh.

2 thoughts on “Thanks For That

  1. You know you post all these pics for people to see buy what do you get in return? You should set up an email address so your readers can share with you what you share with them. I’m sure you’ll get some good laughs and maybe some special request. Could be interesting.

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