No, You Hang Up

holy crap what is wrong with me i feel like i’m 14 years old talking to my first crush… i couldn’t even look you in the eyes today… and then add in the stupid conversation… do you need this before christmas? no. okay have a good christmas if i don’t see you… well you won’t see me since your pick up is after christmas… oh yeah… well you could drop off… yeah i’ll drop something off… okay drop something off… okay have a good christmas.. okay you too… okay bye… bye… bye… ughhhhhhhh…… when are you gonna come in here and throw me onto the counter and smother me with your sexy body… u came in in your uniform today… what is it with me and uniforms lately??? you told me last time where you were stationed… MY KINGDOM FOR A MACK TRUCK AND A CDL!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “No, You Hang Up

  1. Nakedness isn’t necessary, just you in a thong bent over the counter haha. I’m sure if this guy knew what you were thinking he would rock your sexy body just like I would. So fucking hard

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