Comcast Is Down

So i’m using the mobile hot spot on my phone.. wonder how much data that is gonna take up… anyways…

i’ve managed to compile a list of shit that’s pissed me off in the last few day so i figured i’d write about it on here… see if anyone else has these issues or solutions to these issues…

1.  why is it… that no matter what time of the day it is that i decide to microwave something to eat some asshole comes in and wants to point out every single tiny stain and then want to give me exact change… not exact change that they have readily available… the exact change that requires a ton of digging and penny counting? that’s just not fair… it’s not like you can re-microwave something… it just gets gross.

2. i’m starting to notice this trend of dudes who like to offer me hugs if i tell them something is wrong in my work day. let me just ask… if hugs solved anything EVER don’t you think world peace wouldn’t be some sorta delusional fantasy? i kind of find it condescending… if you wanna make me feel better offer a solution to the problem.

3. where does one go to clean the inside of their car on a rainy day? i left work yesterday around 11 and it was overcast… the inside of my car was disgusting after days of driving around with the windows open… i went to the car wash that i normally go to and it was closed. wtf? i’m certainly not gonna do it myself so i need a place that stays open all the time.

4. this whole environmentally friendly bathroom thing is very annoying… do the people that decide to remove paper towels from bathroom ever use their brains? it’s as if they think the only reason people could possibly ever EVER need a paper towel in the bathroom is for hand drying. like… what if you need to blow your nose? what if you cut your finger? what if you are a person who needs to use insulin? what if you need to change your baby and don’t have wipes? what if something spills? what if you want to wash off your face after you throw up? it’s not like toilet paper is good for anything of these things… especially the less than one ply economy types they put in there… i can’t wait till this trend ends…

5. so two months ago i bought my bf a laptop from walmart… the kid asked me if i wanted to buy the protection plan. i asked if it covers accidental damage because chances are he will break it in a few months… he said it did… so i bought it… it broke the other day… so i went online to submit a claim. the website told me that i just needed to return it to the store since it was within a certain time of the purchase… so i go to walmart… wait in line for 30 minutes just for the lady to tell me that i can only return laptops in the first 15 days. i told her that i did not want to return it but use my insurance plan to replace it and that the website told me to go to the store. she said that they do not do that in store and in fact that the protection plan doesn’t even start until the HP warranty runs out…. 10 months from now… so since HP doesn’t cover accident damage and the insurance i bought is useless i have to wait till next march to get a new one. that’s bullshit… so basically i bought the insurance to prevent being laptopless… and that’s exactly what happened. what a rip off. then the lady tells me that this is a problem that customers have all the time because the workers don’t explain it correctly… i’m like and HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT HELP ME NOW?  OR NEXT WEEK ? OR NEXT FUCKING YEAR???? i probably wouldn’t have been as annoyed as i was if i didn’t stand there waiting in line as long as i did… i never understand the walmart return line… when i got there i was the 7th person in line. the lady at the counter was complaining that she didn’t usually work that desk and was only covering for the lady on lunch. she was spending more time talking to the other worker than processing the return. the lady returning didn’t have a receipt. the man returning had a receipt but it was in a bunch of pieces. so the cashier was sitting there trying to guess the numbers of the barcode… like why is it that these people do every single thing possible to make things go slower? walmart frustrates me.

6. i had like 160 spam comments on my blog again. and probably about 150 registered users that are also spam… this causes me to miss real comments. i’ve added those thing where you have to prove you’re an actual person and they are not working… suggestions not hugs also needed on this.

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  1. Recaptcha won’t work, I’ll message you on Facebook one day when I have free time and I’ll help you out.

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