Buzzing In The New Year

ya know like instead of ringing! lol

i was ahead of the curve this year… i signed up for training sessions again but on like December 30th… i’m two days better than everyone else… i’ve also discovered the reason it didn’t really work out for me the last time… i was working out in my house… that is gonna stop… i’m far too distracted by everything when i’m there… cooking dinner, phone ringing, what’s on the tv… all that crap… at least in the gym i’m more focused. and, of course, thereΒ  will be less whining because people are watching… haha… whatever it takes i guess. what really motivated me the most to get back in shape was when i discovered a stash of old pictures… ugh… found my after picture from a contest i did at the gym almost 5 years ago… man i looked good… tan… tight… but much smaller in the chesticles… lol… either way… i want that back… i was also wondering if anyone would like to see some of the photo shoots we used to do back in the day… my boobs were sooooo little… it’s kinda cute… well let me know in the comment section!

i suppose if the cops can do it… so can dudes with little black sports cars…

HAHA! you’re in trouble!

3 blondes and a red head are at a 4 way stop…. i’m the red head that’s doing 0 mph while these idiots drive into each other…

WHYYYYY…. do people lick their fingers and then touch money they intend on handing to me????? so nasty… eew.

one more…

this place is dangerous. lol

Got another request done!!! check it out and leave me some love!

20 thoughts on “Buzzing In The New Year

  1. That was…a great start. That will most certainly do. Would love to see your reactions during a full session, even if we were never shown what lies beneath. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what the camera doesnt show πŸ˜›

  2. buzzing in the new year is always a good thing! lol.

    old pics would be fantastic, why not??
    you’re awesome! now, i’m going back to having a beer on my day off at 1:20 in the afternoon! lol

  3. Love this new site! Love the vids! Would love to see the early stuff! And i agree with Drac’ above- a close up of your face when you come would be awesome. Better yet- get your girlfriend to buzz you off and start the new year with a bang

  4. these anonymous guys shout put more effort into haveing names she shouldn’t do any suggestions from guys/girls that are to ashamed to have a name on their comments and to you kristina baby all your pics are sexy as F&%$ and i may be one of the few followers that know what your “hidden treasure” is and i must say for the guys wanting to see it, its like “the perfect gift” from heaven deffinately $$$ worthy

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