Giant Run-On Sentence

Yay! for the increase in my social security tax that i’ll never see when i’m old cuz people live way to long… whoever the fuck invented the work for 25 years then retire for 50 years after that and use waaaaaay passed your contribution to the system system should be shot. like seriously… how is that fair… you should get back what you pay in and that is it. how about work until you fall the fuck over and die… then we won’t need social security and we won’t have as much national debt.. all people are created equal but then they grow up… some people work their asses off and some are lazy mother fuckers… those people who CHOOSE to be lazy mother fuckers should not be entitled to the same life style as people that put forth effort… it’s the land of opportunity… yet the only people who seem to benefit are the ones who know how to navigate the welfare system… where’s my check for being a law-abiding, tax paying, non-drug using, pay for my own health care contributing to society spending my money in stores to help stimulate the economy and not just sitting around and complain about shit bonus. where the fuck is that money? maybe i’ll go slip and fall someone where and sue a big corporation… yeah i’ll get mine THE AMERICAN WAY!! ughhhhhh so annoyed.

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