I Need To Clean My Mirror – Revised

But I’m not gonna cuz the cleaning lady will do it for me…

just a little side note… so my camera apparently takes too good of  picture that it’s not fitting on my page… it also does not post the pictures with the correct orientation although they appear that way when i create the post… don’t really get that… so i changed all the pictures to the correct direction and changed their sizes from somewhere around 2998 by 5130 to like 1080 by 1920… they fit  better that way… now…the front facing camera on my phone on the other hand takes the pictures in the correct size but still the wrong orientation… sometimes i feel like there is just too many improvements to technology… i just wanna post my nuddie pics and be done with it… i don’t wanna have to be a computer genius with this shit.


Earlier today.


wpid-20140918_202938.jpgwpid-20140918_203003.jpgwpid-20140918_203019.jpgwpid-20140918_203029.jpgwpid-20140918_203049.jpgwpid-20140918_203102.jpgwpid-20140918_203124.jpgwpid-20140918_203200.jpgwpid-20140918_203222.jpgwpid-20140918_203246.jpgWedgie… weggie… wedgy… underwear up butt.



That is all.

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