I Love Cheese… Also, I Have The Hiccups. They Hurt.

I just noticed that the first line of my last blog was quoted back to me yesterday morning by one of my favorite pieces of eye candy… lol… i wonder if that’s from reading this or mere coincidence… hmmmm….

sometimes i go on writing hiatus… it’s not my fault… i just get really busy with other things… in fact, i can’t even recall the last time i had an entire day to myself… looks like there’s gonna be another venture to AC soon for some much needed Kristina time… lol… really i just get a room for two days masturbate, pass out and order expensive room service… totally normal…

i just got done working out with my trainer… i’m feeling pretty good about my progress so far… there is a definitely a photo shoot in the near future!

until then… here’s another video request!

it’s taking a really long time to upload… i’m starting to get bored… over an hour now of this… too bad the inspection station doesn’t offer free wifi while you wait in its eternal line of carbon monoxide poisoning… in actuality, i would pretty much make up any excuse to put it off another day…


How To Eat Pussy <—– Click that.

okay! no more excuses! bank, home depot, inspection, work. go!

2 thoughts on “I Love Cheese… Also, I Have The Hiccups. They Hurt.

  1. WOW! Holy Shit! That was totally freakin unexpected- I never believed you’d come through on that request.
    Thank you Thank you. Thank you

    Fwiw: I like what you post. You’re a great writer, you have good insights and a fantastic back side we get a peek a once in a while.

    Since my mother was one of the characters that went in that plaza it gave me another idea to share with you: crazy old farts. C’mon admit it. You must have some funny bits on the Toms River ‘silver foxes’. After all- it’s Gods waitingroomon the Joisey Shore….

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