I Might Start Making A Game Of This


This guy was really at it tonight.  I actually went on his last status and typed it completely over in the comment section properly. 

Does anyone know what he actually wanted to say here?

1 topless work selfie for the person who decodes the last two posts! Leave your answer in the comment section!

2 thoughts on “I Might Start Making A Game Of This

  1. Girls are talking about getting their winter clothes ready for the winter. In my eyes, they rather still wear summer clothes since they rather look good than be warm. I think that they need to realize it’s not what’s on the outside but whats on the inside, a good warm heart. That is truly what makes the a better person!

    So, I was in Walgreens and told them that they should sell gas reliever but they said they aren’t allowed to sell that, so I guess I’m going to be gassy.

  2. The other one was:

    “LOL, I told Walgreens to sell loosey and they said they’re not allowed to do that.”

    He was talking about 1 cigarette. Just a loose 1.

    I used to have a guy that worked for me that spoke like this.

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