The amount of underwear I’m getting rid of is absurd. Lol.


And for the person who thought I was exaggerating on the hits my blog has… let’s count the digits together.


4. 0. 3. 9. 1. 9.  That’s 6 digits. Which is the hundred thousands. 9 is in the ones column. 1 is in the tens column. 9 is in the hundreds column. 3 in the thousands column.  0 in the 10 thousands column. Which by your logic I’d only be up to 3900 hits cuz no one puts a zero before the number on the left of the decimal.  And finally.. where’s that 4? Oh in the hundred thousand column.

Serious inquiries only on the underwear. Lol just kidding not for sale.

3 thoughts on “Ridiculous

  1. Thats a hot pile, actually when i had looked at the hits there was only 5 numbers but good to know rudeness comes with this beauty, half the hits are probably people checking to see if you had posted anything new since you are slower than molasses going downhill in January at keeping your blog updated, so no big achievement since it may or may not have been 400 thousand people

    • Hits are hits. And I think repeat people are a good thing. They are called followers. Terribly sorry that because of real life I haven’t been able to keep up with the cyber world. But then again it’s still free and we all know what people use it for. If you’re not happy the interwebs provide plenty of alternative measures.

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