May The 4th… On May 5th

cuz yesterday was crazy busy and i was by myself at work.

people were asking me to re-post some of my Star Wars photo shoot pictures… well here they are… these were taken in 2010 by the wonderful Richard Johnson. He also photographed my wedding which is where my header picture came from!

_DSC9748 _DSC9750 Blending Change _DSC9791 _DSC9800 _DSC9841 _DSC9874 _DSC9822 _DSC9768 _DSC9770 _DSC9778 _DSC9781

4 thoughts on “May The 4th… On May 5th

  1. I really like the one pic on the original post that shows everything, it looks as tasty as i would imagine, thats what id really like to see

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