Sweet Anti-Jesus!

I’m finding myself strangely attracted to this Jewish guy that comes in here… Today he’s like can I have the discount even tho I’m not paying and I was like yeah since you asked so nicely… Then he made a comment that he misses his jeans and t shirts so I’m thinking that maybe he’s not really a jew maybe he’s one of those guys that pretends to be to do business in Lakewood.. or maybe he converted for some reason…  Lol… he’s kinda hot and smooth and I’m not sure why but watching him smoke a cigarette was strangely erotic… I must dig deeper into this… Lol.

Omfg no lie he just called here because he wanted to apologize for leaving the plastic balled up behind the register… Yeah guess there’s no mystery there.. Mozel Tov!!

anyways… so last night we were at it again! took some pictures for Valentine’s Day!

that thing between my legs is not part of my body…it is in fact the door handle for the cabinet lol

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Anti-Jesus!

  1. Pictures look amazing. But some of them didn’t upload properly I guess, because a few can’t be opened. Also, my suggestion is uploading the pictures at a different pixel size? That way it doesn’t take as long to load the page. But don’t shrink them too much, because we like to see those titties full size. Thanks again, and keep up the good work beautiful!

  2. God ur absolutely beautiful. Ur pics are such a turn on. I’d love to have u sit on my face for a few hours and let me go to town on u. U have a sweet lookin ass and nice looking toes. I’d love to let u suck on and ride my 9 inch cock. Keep up the great work with the pics big fan here.

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