An Excerpt From My Life:

this all started yesterday when my boss had to take the day off and the store down in lakehurst was left to the animals… i called there several times throughout the day and no one was able to find shit, do shit or care about shit. i literally asked 3 different people and gave explicit instructions and descriptions of what i was looking for. no fucks were given. so i drove down there… within about 30 seconds i found everything i was looking for and left… but not before sending a message to the person mainly responsible for my cross town trek for no real reason. hilarity did ensue. blue print is me.

4:58 PM  Found the missing rush pants in a rush bag buried in the bottom of the spotting bin.

5:01 PM Missing blue top was at holiday and the missing black dress was up front

9:45 PM Well maybe if i didn’t play so much on Saturdays u would of found them when they were dur

9:48 PM The blue vest went over today. The black dress was not missing until today and the rush bag got there saturday late. Your argument is not valid. Thanks for the wake up

10:03 PM U shouldvebgound them say. It snever valid with u. U just don’t do it job. Stop playing around and do it job

10:05 PM The truth is I don’t give a fuck

10:13 PM yup you’re the only one that does any work in the whole entire world. i’m assuming that’s what that jumbled blob of words was meant to say. If you don’t give a fuck then quit. Maybe if you did give a fuck you’d have nice things like i do.

10:16 PM Really what the fuck do u have a rented condo ant a guy who’s old enough to b ur dad whose a loser. U spend more time with him than i do with him really

10:16 PM I don’t want to b a cheap who’re

10:22 PM at least my husband likes me. And doesn’t show me with his fists.

5:33 AM My husband never me and I didn’t meet him sliding down a pole

5:34 AM He only stay

5:35 AM With .I cause ur a whore

5:36 AM Do not text or call me anymore

6:15 AM At least people want to fuck me. There isn’t enough viagra and alcohol in the world to get someone to remove your cobwebs. And don’t text or call me anymore either.

6:21 AM I wouldn’t b 2 proud of. That it just show what a dirty who’re u r. Go find a pole whore

6:28 AM Is whore really all you got? Cuz it’s not even insulting. It is the oldest profession. Maybe you’re just jealous that men find me desirable but no human on earth can stand to be near you. Your own family doesn’t even want you and that’s why you tried to live in a flea bag seaside efficiency. And you’re wrong I’m not a cheap whore. I spend more money on shoes than you have for groceries. I’ll take that over having to borrow money on a monday after getting paid on a friday. Also your grammar and spelling are horrible. Go get educated.

6:30 AM Ya ur think u have thing I still a nasty who’re anyone will but only an old man would marry. Really i don’t have shit.

6:34 AM None of that is a complete thought. Gather your words in proper order and try again. I’ll wait..

6:34 AM I heard whores make good money

6:34 AM They sure do. We’re not miserable cunts either.

6:35 AM Ok whore

6:38 AM Calling someone a whore who agrees with you is not effective. don’t you have some work to do so you can leave early to go enjoy your wonderfully fulfilling life of badgering people and living in your geo metro?

6:38 AM Ya ya whore

so yeah… i’m a whore… a whore a whore a whore. lol… i’d have to say while this wasn’t my best display of humanity… i did refrain from sending the “at least i didn’t birth a criminal and retard” text that i deleted after i typed it. i get points for that. so basically this is what i deal with on a daily basis. straight up ignorance. like it started as a business inquiry and ended in me being a whore. normally i don’t even respond at all when she attacks me personally (which happens weekly) but she woke me up and apparently my brain/thumb filter wasn’t working properly… and after that i had to see it out. I know i’m not actually a whore… but i can say that several people have stopped working down there because of her. even yesterday the presser who works down there came here looking for a new job not knowing the stores were related. LOL

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