Random Things In My Brain Today

So apparently if I just improve my posture a little my boobs look lot bigger. super weird. plus I’m kinda noticing how much I slouch over..  even when I’m walking… as a matter of fact that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m on lap 3 of 4 around my building.  Gotta get some exercise in while I’m not doing anything at work.

Another observation of the day… why do these fake ass mobster old men dry clean their sweat suits? Like okay fine you don’t want the material getting beat up in the wash but front creases??? Really???

Next… this lady came into my store today and dropped off a few blouses… she says… this one my cat sat on… totally covered in cat hair. But then she’s like… I told her not to sit on it but she didn’t listen.  She’s not a human!! People like that worry me.

I was a little bit nervous about ordering my lunch from this kid in the pizzeria. .. last time I ordered tuna salad he comes back up to the front and asks me “what exactly do you mean by tuna”? First, is there anyone on the planet that doesn’t know what tuna salad is? And second… it is literally the only item on the menu that contains tuna. So it’s not like he opened the fridge and there were tons of tuna options. He didn’t fuck my angel hair and red sauce up today tho. (Also why I’m currently speed walking around the building )…

almost done with round 4… maybe I’ll go for 5. Gotta check in to make sure the world didn’t fall apart in the store first tho….

Snapchat-8299591214126519006 Snapchat-1649653453381087561total difference. haha..

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