The Chase

work’s busy, life’s busy, blah blah blah… Halloween costume will be on point Saturday, tho.

moving along… i think i’m gonna try to stop cursing… well, out loud. not in text. that would be a fucking tragedy.  apparently it’s not becoming. not that i really care but i suppose i could make an effort for other people. also i had this old lady customer use the fuck word to me the other day and it was a little off putting. haha

here’s some pics i took the other night.

2015-10-26 19.51.43 2015-10-26 19.51.53 2015-10-26 19.52.08 2015-10-26 19.52.32 2015-10-26 19.55.40 2015-10-26 19.58.43 2015-10-26 20.19.16isn’t it great that i coordinate my toys with my underwear? lol

so anyways… i renewed my website and hosting for another year… so no i’m not quitting the blog … i feel like Howard Stern cuz everyone keeps asking if he’s renewing his contract with Sirius… i would quit mine if he quits (the radio subscription, not the blog) one day i wanna get on his show… not as a crazy person or a whack pack… but as a real guest. that’s my new life goal. if anyone knows how to start those wheels turning hook a brotha up.

I took a break from fitbit contests this week… i woke up on Monday not feeling too great and i haven’t been able to shake it yet… so keeping up my normal pace probably wouldn’t do me any good either… basically i’ve been lazy as fuck. also i got a new chair at work and i feel this is a good opportunity to give it the attention it deserves. i love this chair. my ass loves this chair. everyone who sees it says it’s a nice chair. the best part is that it’s welded steel so no one will be breaking this one. and the very best part… the top spins.. totally worth the 80 bucks… on clearance…

2015-10-28 08.37.37that pile of bags next to my chair is all the work i’ve been putting off while writing this post. lol…i don’t feel like doing it tho… i’ve adapted my own version of netflix and chill at work… while there is no sex (sorry) there is netflix… and of course… i’m chill as fuck.

have a lovely day! and don’t forget On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

2015-10-28 07.21.42 2015-10-28 07.21.32





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  1. I keep coming back to the toy with matching undies. Those are adorable on you and the thought of you soaking them through has made me cum several times. I love a woman with great collection of cute panties.

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