Fitting Room Fun

She always makes me try on the weirdest shit…


So… apparently… only girls with perky boobs can wear things like this… perky or small.. other wise it’s just not right…

In other news… I’m out at a bar… at 930pm… whhhatt?

4 thoughts on “Fitting Room Fun

  1. You = stunning.
    Dressing room selfies = always encouraged, personal favorite.

    But isn’t almost all the lingerie at VS “the weirdest shit” now? Don’t get me wrong, you’re wearing the crap out of that thing. But they make stuff for runway models to look weird and shocking in Paris. Give me a curvy american girl with a smile that brightens my cold winter and put her in some slinky stretch-lace that she can machine wash load after load of my cum out of when the weekend is finally over.

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