The Definition Of Flirting

this is not it. any guy who says to me they are just joking is such a fucking liar… who the fuck jokes about wanting to fuck a girl? no one… have you ever walked up to an ugly fat girl and was like… let’s hook up? NO because the ultimate goal for single guys is to get pussy. if i said let’s fuck would you then be joking? no freaking chance.

  • And u aren’t married lol

  • Yeah but it’s been 9 years so I think that’s common law

  • And what happens in Ac stays there that’s the law since 2000 lol

  • I see. I’m still not a cheating asshole so the answer is no

  • Lmaooo relax wow can’t even joke n. flirt. Geeez lol

  • i’m not 100% sure but i don’t think the definition of flirting is try to get a girl who is with someone and very clearly doesn’t want to sleep with you to sleep with you. just saying.

  • Omg go to sleep I was joking wow. Relax I don’t want u. I’m just a flirt

  • 1 don’t be rude. Two maybe I believe that you’re actually only flirting if it wasn’t the only thing you ever brought up

  • Enjoy your weekend

  • And maybe when you can understand that insulting a girl who just doesn’t want to sleep with you it’s very nice I’m not tired I don’t need to go to bed when you can figure that out maybe you can message me again

    I can’t imagine that technique ever works for you

  • Wow u need midol. U arent my type. U are a cutie but after we met u deff aren’t my type so relax. Why can’t u understand I don’t want u I’m just a flirty guy. I got woman trust me. I don’t need a attention seeking woman from fb
    This online thing is a joke.

  • see what i mean… absolutely no respect for women but i guess that’s why you probably pick up piece of shit whores with no self esteem and daddy issues… i get it… you hit on me i’m strong you think an insult will make me want your dick… it didn’t and now you back track saying i’m not your type… i don’t need a midol, sweetie, you need a clue.


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