A Little Bit Stupid

I think both of us are gonna need a fresh pair of undies today… Mr. Fuck Me Eyes has a similar affect on my worker too… She describes him as having wolf eyes… I go with you can’t look directly at him cuz it’s like looking straight into the sun… During a solar eclipse… I was pulling into work today when I saw a state trooper SUV in the front parking spot… Raced around to find a parking spot and get inside so quick I literally forgot to shut my car off… Had to tell myself to breathe a few times to not look like a hyperventilating idiot when I got in the door… It was a nice change of pace tho, me coming in while he was standing there… Got to check out his ass for the entire 50 foot walk across the street… Something about a gun holstered around a thigh is super hot… I swear one day I’m gonna be here alone when he comes in and I’m gonna pounce in him like a cougar who hasn’t had a meal in weeks. As it turns out my worker also has stupid conversations with him too… Maybe it’s not us… Whatever… Not everyone can be smart and hot at the same time and it certainly doesn’t make me want him any less. One day…. Onnneeeee dayyyyy…. Hehe

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