Woke up this morning and for the first time in a very long time i got to feel something i haven’t felt in about 3 months… boredom…. i had absolutely nothing to do and no obligations… so then i was like… hmm… house is clean and the mall isn’t open until 11 so why not transfer all my files off my phone and make a blog… yeah.. that’s a good idea…

well… apparently when my phone did that update from lollipop to marshmallow it turned off all my developer option settings… after about an hour of struggling to get my pictures copied over all the files got corrupted when my computer and phone froze at the same time… 1 hard reset later and everything is gone. cool.

that being said… i guess i’ll just have to start taking more pictures to upload…

to answer everyone’s question about “where have i been?” here it goes… well cliff notes version…the far less dramatic version…

somewhere in mid april the lady that worked for me that i depended on to come in every single day needed to quit to take care of her sick mother… to replace her i hired 2 girls who are turning out to be okay at the job. every single day something in either my store or our other store breaks. there is always some sorta set back or reason why work gets delayed. i’ve literally worked open to close 6 days a week for the last 2 months straight. of course there was that 1 day off i had in may because of a wedding i was in but that doesn’t really count as a day off. i’m physically and mentally exhausted. on top of all the machine repairs and employee issues the store is extremely busy. the area is growing and a cleaners up the block closed down so we’re getting a lot more customers. i’m hoping once we get through this busy season i can get a chance to just have some free time. it’s kinda hard fitting everything i put off all week into 1 sunday.

i did start doing yoga on sundays… i like it… the only thing i can think about for that hour is breathing and not falling over so i get a short little break there… i’m also trying to lose some weight… i’ve gained like 20 lbs since my wedding… not good. probably because i’ve been eating every meal at work in hurry. two weeks ago i quit bread, pasta, cereal, cakes, cookies, muffins, waffles, candy, ice cream, yogurt, chips and other useless shit that i’ve been eating… scaling way back on carbs and sugar… i’m down about 5lbs so far so i hope it keeps going. i’m not even that miserable eating healthy… i’m sure one day i’ll splurge and go nuts…

i just wanna look good for my vacation in 33 days… i did buy travel insurance just in case i have to cancel because of work… i realllllly don’t wanna have to use it tho. i need a break.

here’s a picture that i just took so everyone knows i still have boobs. lol

2016-06-12 10.10.36yup! thems are still there.. lol also it’s cold as fuck in my house.

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