okay… so i’ve reached the end of the pity party and i decided to focus on losing some weight… it’s been 11 days and i’ve managed to keep my calories in to about 1000 a day and do either my elliptical or my treadmill everyday… like no excuses…. even last sunday for wafflebowl i didn’t go overboard. i’m hoping that the scale will be under 170 by saturday… that’s the goal… nice short term goal. long term i wanna get to about 145… so maybe by the beginning of the summer that will happen…

in other news… i’m starting school tonight… lol… first night of 12 weeks of black label boiler classes… then after that i gotta go take a test for a license… i am very much not looking forward to this… i’m sure they don’t even teach what i’m already a pro at… “creative boiler operation”… or rigging… whichever…

anyways… here’s some pictures of people who probably shouldn’t have licenses…

First Up… People Who Can’t Stay Off The Pole

People Who Can’t Stay In The Lines

People Who Got Caught

People Who Are From England… Obviously.

People Who Just Don’t Give A Fuck

that’s it for now!!

2 thoughts on “Enough

  1. re the weight loss: please dont go overboard and underestimate your tight hot body. the girls you post pics of, are beautuful and tell a good story……:)

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