Bored And Not So Bored At The Same Time

What a weird last couple weeks… aside from the normal major machine breakdowns and employee problems (at the other store) it’s been pretty busy business wise… until this week…it’s finally slowed down… i almost got to leave at 12 on Monday… and then the washer broke… spent the next 6 hours tapping on a drain valve to get it to open and close 8 times a wash load… very labor intense… today… i’m kinda bored… just kinda waiting to see what problems today brings… but so far so good.

i finally got my boss to let me get internet put in down at the other store… and cameras… they’ve been having a lot of issues… apparently the meth head called the faggot bitch a faggot bitch and the faggot bitch called the meth head a meth head… then they want to kick each others asses… after this stuff gets installed on Saturday i could probably cancel my subscription to Netflix and just watch that shit show all day… send some clips to one of the reality tv channels and make a ton of fucking money… i kinda wonder tho… are they really a meth head and faggot bitch? who knows…

29 to 33 more days until i get my new car!!! i really cannot even stand the wait right now!! i’m gonna be so friggin pimp. i also decided what i’m going to be for Halloween… it’s gonna go with car.

so… back to this weird place… my brain has been strangely clear… like nothing is on my mind… well… nothing is weighing heavily on my mind… it’s not too often i’m in a position like this so i don’t really know what to do with the free space… i need to hire someone soon but i’m not really in a rush to do that… every time that help wanted sign goes up the crazies parade in… i put an ad on Facebook in that help wanted group thing but no one really wants a job… they just all want to sit around and chat about jobs… such a waste of time there… it’s gonna get busy here in a few weeks and i could use an extra person here about 8 hours a week. the other store is gonna need a part time person too… i think someone is getting fired soon… they did a no call no show last Monday and then again today… the only reason he hasn’t fired her yet is because someone was on vacation last week and someone is going on vacation in 2 weeks from now… can’t leave yourself fucked i guess… i would cut off my nose to spite my face just to get rid of the riffraff. but, alas, not my decision.

ughhh it’s so fucking cold in here today… i feel like we didn’t get a boob season this year… i’ve had a jacket on most of the summer… what’s the point in having nice boobs if you can’t show them off??? such a crock of shit! yesterday : hoodie. today : north face fuzzy. tomorrow: parka?? my friend is having a pool party for her son two Saturdays from now… it’s probably gonna be an ice skating on top of the frozen pool party if it keeps going on like this.. the customers are starting to come in…

i really need to change the ink in the tag printer… it’s coming out too light… i don’t know why i procrastinate on such a simple thing…it literally takes about a minute to do it, yet i put it off… sometimes i like to see how long i can let things go for before someone else notices, says something or does it themselves… none of those things ever really happen tho… like yesterday when i was using the back counter as a workshop for a machine part i was trying to fix… first of all… no plastic epoxy works on anything ever… moving along. i had the part sitting on the counter top hardening… it came around to lunch time and the girls back there set up all their stuff on that counter… so instead of just moving the part ANYWHERE ELSE… she asks me to move it for her right as i was in middle of counting shirts that were going out, getting the driver everything he needed, answering phone calls and dealing with a few customers. she literally stood there and stared me down until i was done instead of moving it herself.. the girls back there will literally not do anything for anyone else even if it benefits them. it’s the oddest behavior… so this morning when i got in and they forgot to do something with two cut pieces of watermelon and 2 small already cooked corn on the cobs that were now encased in a pretty hefty collection of bugs i just left that shit right where it was… NO ME FIRE, BITCHES.

got a little mix of people parking there cars where they shouldn’t… i cannot even remember where i was for that last one…

so let’s see… got a few pictures of me in my car.

i feel like my day just got a little bit longer… instead of the driver getting here in a few minutes and going directly on the first two deliveries he’s gotta go back to the other store first… that adds about 30 minutes to the day… super. i guess it doesn’t really matter… i have no place to be tonight… i should start thinking about what to make for dinner… maybe pork chops on the grill… that sounds good… and some butternut squash zoodles… if they don’t look bad in the store… gotta be careful with that kinda stuff…

fun fact! i’ve fixed two toilets in the last week… i could probably be one of those handyman people with a truck full of random tools and junk going around to old ladies houses doing odd jobs. future career maybe if the strip club house mom or whorehouse madam thing doesn’t workout… or ya know… if i quit dry cleaning… which can never happen. the world would crumble.

here’s some bathroom selfies!

counting sheeps

i see you!

wore this super cute shirt the other day but no one got to see it because it was so friggin cold! not fair.

things are shaping up nicely

it’s starting to get busy… ugh.. i was just getting used to not doing anything all day… haven’t even had breakfast yet…

so for a while i was convinced that baby doll outfits look stupid on me because i have to buy a big size for my boobs and the bottom looks dumb… i was kinda wrong on that one… found this outfit in Boscov’s

two more from that day.

well… a ton of work just arrived… better go do it! Happy Hump Day!

7 thoughts on “Bored And Not So Bored At The Same Time

  1. Omg Kris!!! Need I say more.. but I will anyways!!! Holy fuck you get my dick hard as fuck instantly.. These pics that you’ve been keeping till now are some of my all time favs, by far. From, what is a fantasy of mine, of shots in your car to the dressing room and your bathroom at home. Wow!! You have the most perfect and incredibly sexy body, from head to toe! Amazing tits, toned as hell stomach and legs to a perfectly shaved kitty. The sexy little nightie is right up my alley too. Keep em coming girl and you’re guaranteed to keep my cumming too!! Xoxoxo

  2. Damn over a month since your last post! I hope to see some new stuff soon. It ok thought, you are so hot I can keep jerking off to the same pictures.

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