One Meeeeelion Views

So my page hit one million views! that’s pretty awesome! thanks everyone for following me!

i have some pictures that i took the same day i made the last video. i’m gonna post those in a little while. i’m also debating having breakfast now instead of waiting until 10. i’m sure if i make it now i’ll get a bunch of customers and it will be cold. but if i wait until 10 that’s about when the boss should get here because he’s driver today. he tends to become super helpless when he has to do jobs that require work. i see a customer coming in…

so my car is at the dealer getting serviced. it’s been there since yesterday morning and i’m starting to have like separation anxiety from it. i’m not 100% confident in the people there… i have no idea their ability to fix cars but if i base it on their ability to return phone calls and not lose appointments, it sucks. fingers crossed on that one.

i took my boiler test last week. won’t get the results for a while. like in the world of instant everything waiting 3 weeks is absurd. the entire process thus far has been absolutely insane. i cannot wait until it’s over.

grumble cakes just opened the damn front door. it’s cold as fuck in here now. it was toasty.. now it’s not. bah!

ughhh and more customers… see it’s a good thing i didn’t try to eat breakfast.

this is why i can never get around to making more posts… too many people coming through here lately… i guess from a business standpoint that’s good… but from a tits and ass standpoint it’s very bad. just had a customer tell me that it’s too early for me to be wearing winter clothes… he likes it better when he can see cleavage. lol… old dudes are funny as hell.

well i guess that’s it for now… leave some love in the comments!

15 thoughts on “One Meeeeelion Views

  1. You are very gorgeous, and have such a hot body!! I’m from TR, can I stop in and have you clean my pants? hehehehe…….I’d love that

  2. “Helping me whack it since 2010”???

    While I appreciate your assistance immensely, no posts for 3 months seems to indicate that you have no comprehension of just how damn much I whack it! (These are jokes. I miss you. Please bring your sexy self back soon.)

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