It’s Never Over

I sometimes wish I could have a camera follow me around like reality TV just so everyone can see how much i’m not joking when I say my life is ridiculously busy. I’m starting to sound like broken record. So I booked myself a room in AC for a couple of days just to detox from it all for a while. This would be the first day off I’ve had since July. JULY???? That’s insane, right? Not that I should be complaining about having a steady job that pays me well for my 69 1/2 hours of slave labor a week that I put into it. It’s all good tho. I do enjoy it….

Where did I leave off… November 21st… actually a lot of things have happened since then… I took my boilers license test and passed it. I still have not gotten the actual license in the mail yet… but it is the state of NJ so I guess 4 months is acceptable. (not really). Around the same time I applied for my fire arms ID card… I got that in 6 weeks and I’ve been shooting a pretty little Walthers PK380 a couple times a week now… my shots are starting to end up in the same place instead of all over the target. Bought a membership to a range and everything. The people there are super nice… but then again everyone carries a gun.

The holidays were decent this year… I didn’t go overboard on the spending but I went way too far on the eating… let it get super out of hand into the new year… the day after the super bowl I joined weight watchers… I know, I know… i’m not fat… I don’t think i’m fat… I just KNOW I can do much better… fast forward 4 weeks and i’m down 13.1 lbs. So yay me! And don’t worry… I’ve still got “dat ass”. lol I was strictly informed that I was not to lose that.

So here i am… been down here 24 hours now and it’s gotta be the worst weather imaginable for being 50 miles away from home… I’ve gotten about 30 NIXLE alerts that pretty much Lakewood and Brick are experiencing a mini weather apocalypse. floods, hail, lightening strikes… ugh… at least I don’t have to deal with any of that until tomorrow at like noon.

So yeah… 24 hours away from it all is about how long my brains needs to reset and be able to sit down on my computer and type away here… I’ve got some videos that Danielle took last night… not sure how great this wi-fi is gonna be at uploading them… i won like 40$ playing black jack so maybe i’ll spring for the better connection. we will see… cuz part of that is figuring out how to even do that… I feel like the older I get the less i’m able to figure out basic technology.

just checked my dropbox… absolutely nothing has uploaded from my phone to my computer… also it’s definitely flooding outside my window… good thing i’m on the 8th floor. my original plan for the day was to take a uber to the outlets lol.. what a joke… the ride home tomorrow is probably gonna suck too… especially with my fancy rear wheel drive sports car. oh well. at least it will look good skidding up the parkway.

i’m gonna mess with this moby picture app for a little while and see what i can accomplish with these videos.

well, I started with trying to send one from my phone… i’m not really sure if it’s working or not and I cannot find anything on my phone like a progression bar… i’m just gonna wait a while and refresh the website on my computer… good thing all I have is time right now… maybe i’ll go through the pictures I already have on my computer and at least move them into a “to be uploaded” file.

so… it literally sounds like who ever is in the room above me is actively trying to crash through the floor into my room… the wind is crazy right now… also there is a giant crack in the outer pane of glass in one of these windows… it looks like a smiley face. anywhoo… it’s been enough time, I think, to determine that the 40 second video I tried to upload is not uploading.

she’s so pretty when shes’s clean… vrooom!

My car comes with cool timers to play with… i think i’m about .2 seconds away from the lowest it can go.

so if i do this one photo at a time it works slow but at least it works… slow and steady. i wonder what will run out first… things to upload or the amount of taylor swift songs i have playing on my itunes. lol

The Princess Kristina (PK380)

shooting with the car group.

3rd video of 7 uploading… i’ll make a separate post for those, perhaps… or maybe just add to the bottom of this one.

i look okay in the morning lol

Kristina NoPants… one of my favorite shirts

1 of my butt


and here’s another!

so i took this picture to see my weight loss progress… and one day my employee was like… hey do you have a picture of your shoe wall so i can show my friend? and i was like yeahhhhh butttttt…..

so… i did a little edit… and she sent the picture… and somehow her friend didn’t even notice… hahahahahaha

so… we’ve come to an impasse… I’ve run out of photos to upload but my videos are still going… I’ve still got some Taylor Swift songs tho… maybe i’ll order that strut bar I want for my car so I can drive even more like an asshole on curves… what I should buy is a fucking tank to get home in…

here’s the smile crack in the window… i feel like it’s kinda ironic because if this goes…. no ones gonna be smiling.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

ran out of songs… on to Pitbull songs… there’s tons of those so i’ll be good till like midnight… I halfway wanna go to the pool bar later but I also do not want to be cold and I don’t really have an appropriate outfit that can look good and keep me warm at the same time… maybe i’ll go look around the stores they have here…

Video 6

I just ate a sugar free jello… it’s actually pretty good… it’s been so long since I’ve had regular jello that I don’t even remember what i’m missing.

Video 7

so that’s it for now… I know I say this all the time but i’ll try for more frequent updates… we will see!


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  1. I have filed an official complaint with my mail carrier over the tragic loss of my AC invite. I do not feel the death penalty is too severe of a punishment. That is all.

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