Every single morning for as long as i can remember i wake up roll out of bed and look out the window to see the weather…. for the last 3 days i wake up to make sure everything is still there. it’s incredible the devastation the jersey shore has encountered from hurricane sandy. i’m sure the pictures and short news videos don’t even do it justice. i think it will hit us the most when we find a way out to the barrier islands to see it first hand. for some strange inconceivable reason my neighborhood in brick was very minimally effected… affected… i always get those confused… i had power for the entire duration of the storm. cable tv for most of it and internet for days… there was no damage from downed wires (cuz they are all underground). a few trees split but they were cleaned up almost immediately. we were even able to take in my friend, her boyfriend and her son who were evacuated from the flooding in her neighborhood, give a hot shower to another friend who didn’t have power and allow everyone to charge their phones and computers. i haven’t been to work all week since the power has yet to be restored there. i’m hoping by tomorrow or saturday. we will see.

i’m not sure if any of my readers had any issues from the storm but i hope that everyone is okay and getting back to normalcy as soon as possible.

well… it’s now friday and i’m still not back to work cuz of the power being out… i’m honestly starting to go a little crazy sitting around doing nothing… my house guests have left and i don’t feel like wasting my gas driving around. haha… i figured i’d post some of the pictures from the days before the storm… and a few non storm related ones after.

Found this in the parking lot on the corner of cox crow and 9

pretty sweet looking

probably not that much fun to drive around here with all the potholes tho!

same problem, different plaza!

only good thing to come out of this disaster… my cabinet is no longer one.

i’m listening to all the news reports about the looting and robbery right now… there was another about people impersonating jcp&l workers to break into peoples’ homes… to all those people…. go take a ride on the casino pier roller coaster. seriously… those victims have it bad enough as it is… don’t add insult to injury.

here’s some silly webcam pics i just took! haven’t really had much time to do anything else!  i hope no one is too disappointed!

13 thoughts on “Bubble

  1. Glad to hear your safe. I heard brick was in danger because of natural gas leaks and thusly a spark can cause a fire any second.

    Hope all is well with everyone that reads this. I wish I was in NJ to help (I just recently moved out…such bad timing, wish I was there to do some volunteer work but I keep hearing that NJ is pretty much locked down and still getting things in order so they aren’t accepting help at the moment).

    I pray for all your safety.

  2. Wow kris such a beautiful smile figure and amazing breasts any man who has u is lucky to have a great lookin girl like u.

  3. I’m glad to hear that you’re safe and doing ok. Also, awesome job with the new website! Any luck finding ways to post videos yet?

  4. Wow. Nice set up. And of course ” nice set” too. Glad to hear you’re safe. Heard you just got snow yesterday- WTF is going on down there?
    Can i add to your request list? Catholic school girl outfit, glasses and all. You’d be so hot in that. And since you arent performing right now any chance of a vid of your favorite routine?

    Keep going with this. Glad im not the only one who wonders what makes people tick.

    • Those are awesome requests and I hope we get to see them! I have a few more to add to the list, at your discretion of course Miss Kristina. If possible, could you post dressing room and gym locker room pics, and a vid on how to perform cunnilingus? Those would be hot!

      • First off, great job on the new site Kristina! I have a request of my own, have you ever been to Sandy Hook? There is a nude beach and a lot of secluded areas up there that would make for a great place to take pictures when the weather gets warmer ;D

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