4 Customers So Far Today

and that’s why i’ve had all this time to write 3 posts in one day…

this one i’m dedicating to the parking lot… not just parking this time tho!

Whatcha guys doing out there???

Arresting grandma!

Purposely doesn’t pay tickets and misses court to get a nooner from this guy… most action in years! hehe





something about this license plate makes me think of sex… it should be mine…but some old dude has it instead.

and finally for the day…. two more pictures and a story…

The silver minivan backed up into the black car… the owner of the black car came outside and started freaking out… going around to all the stores trying to find the person who hit her… about 90 minutes goes by and the woman finally comes back… jewish woman tons of kids in a mad rush to get out of here.. the lady that was hit proceeds to give the lady an ear full arms are flailing can’t really hear what she’s saying but body language suggests it’s not good… the lady calls the cops… the jewish lady leaves… the woman is sitting waiting in her car when the black mini van pulls in and drives right into the front of the black car… literally two accidents in two hours from two jewish women in two mini vans… black car lady pretty much lost it at that point… then the cops show up… she went on and on and on for over an hour that this guy was here… the black mini van lady leaves and comes back later… she’s one of my customers.. she’s telling me what happened… apparently the woman was so hysterical because her husband was gonna be super pissed and beat her or something… weird shit going on…

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