Crafty Mother Fucker

So like… I had the most unexpected conversation with someone this morning… Like I was seriously totally caught off guard. Not many people can make me blush and now that I’m thinking about it I really wish I did my makeup before you came in. never in my dirtiest thoughts about you did I think you were just as fucked up as me. Sex toys and voyeurism and getting all sweaty and messy and hot and 3 sums with other dudes fucking me while someone is watching.. Omg! I was so busy today I wish I could of written this sooner. But now that I’m all by myself at home I’m gonna think about you fucking me with my array of dildos while I fuck myself with them. That’s pretty much it.


3 thoughts on “Crafty Mother Fucker

  1. Question, I’ve been following you for a Long time and jerked off to your pics more than once. I’m married but like every guy would love a round with you. Anyways your recent message about a threesome reminds me of how I want my wife to join in one. I think she’s reluctant because she thinks I want another girl. In reality I want to watch another guy fuck the shit out of her! Any suggestions of how I go about this?

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