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So it’s Easter weekend. Everyone on the roads today is out of their fucking minds… Like I watched a guy make a right from the middle lane of Hooper by Fridays onto Oak while traffic was crossing the the other way… Immediately followed by someone making a left where I’m sure that they are very aware they are not supposed to causing everyone to slam on their brakes some more. Shake my head. Parking lots have also become the giant size version of the Rubix Cube. Can’t make one move without finishing the one before people!!! Be safe out there everyone!

I find it super annoying that neither one of my gyms are open late enough for me on Saturdays… The day always seems to escape me and I really wish I could just get there around 730 and not be rushed. On a good note I was significantly under my calories today without the workout.

There were not one but two cops at Shoprite… I can see why tho. People get a little nuts over ham. The lady in the checkout next to me was incredibly upset about her spiral ham not being free. Gotta pay for that laziness every once in a while.

The only thing open tomorrow is the outlets… I can only imagine how awesome it’s gonna be there… I attempted clothes shopping today and it was very unsuccessful… With the exception of a really awesome pair of heels I got for 5$…. I need some suggestions on where to shop. I don’t know if many women read my blog but I need something in between the juniors department (the world is getting fatter but the shirts are all mid drifts, doesn’t make sense. Also, I don’t wear shorts that would cut the circulation in my vagina off) and the women’s departments ( too drabby and floral). Jeans don’t fit my shape and everything has collar. No bueno.

Went to the Mac counter. Saw my girl but she was leaving… I think I heard someone call her Jade. She looks like a Jade. So sexy. I picked an eye shadow I loved and guess what… They didn’t have it. What the fuck else is new? I set out today to spend money. I spent 27$

11$ of it was on a new vibrator from Spencer’s … Got an orange one this time! I think the guy at the counter was a little weird. He didn’t seem to find the humor in the fact that every single t shirt they sell in there has the word fuck on it yet they aren’t allowed to wear the shirts they sell at work because it offends people. That entire store is offensive. It’s kinda the point.

Someone asked me how I would approach my wife about watching another dude fuck her. I have a few suggestions.
1. Get a porno in which that scenario happens. Gauge her reaction and casually or almost jokingly comment on how hot you think it is. If she doesn’t freak out you’re in!
2. Tell a story of a “coworker” who you “can’t believe” let another dude fuck his wife. If she defends the act you’re in!
3. Tell her while really really drunk. This way you can claim you’re just kidding if she’s not down.
4. Have the guy you would want to fuck her over for dinner. Drink. Encourage her to make her guest feel at home. See where it goes.
5. If it was me, I’d want my guy to be straight forward and just ask me.

To the guy that got hard from my last blog… I hope you stroked it slowly and came all over the place 🙂

That’s all for now! Happy Easter everyone!

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