And I’m Feeeeelinnnng Gooooood

I really can’t stand that song…why does every single singing show contestant sing it?

C.M.F. (as named in a previous blog)… i suppose i could have just put those things you left in your pocket back with your stuff for when you picked it up… but you’re right i just wanted to see ya again… LOL… and if there wasn’t another customer in the store when you gave me that lovely finger gesture i would of gladly accept that offer.

is it really that weird that i go into the gay section of youporn to watch guys masturbate? i’m a girl. so in order to watch a guy that’s what’s necessary… it’s only girls playing with themselves in the straight section and i’ve got plenty of mirrors if i wanna watch that.

so it’s Saturday morning… there is a toothless woman wondering the parking lot knocking on peoples’ car windows asking for money… she just wants to buy liquor with it… do not give her money!

I’m starting to feel a little annoyed that i can’t go to Miami for my 30th bday… i never want to go anywhere or do anything and the one time i do i can’t seem to get there… and it’s not a cost thing… so i’m putting it out there.. if anyone knows any bored females who want to spend 4 days in South Beach making sure i don’t get raped or stolen or killed in exchanged for me making sure they don’t get raped or stolen or killed send them my way… it’s prolly gonna cost around 800$ for flight and hotel. i’m not trying to be stingy either. this would be in July btw. also, they’d have to act as my entourage… haha…

gotta stay at work the entire day today…. prolly not a bad thing seeing as i’ve been spending money like i’m dying lately… but my car does look cool…

“i can’t understand why the zipper keeps splitting.” MAYBE BECAUSE YOU’RE 10 LBS OF SHIT AND THE SKIRT IS A 5LB BAG!!!!!

anyways… it’s kinda busy today so here’s a few pics for everyone’s entertainment! i’m hoping to do a shoot soon so suggestions welcomed!

Lines Don’t Apply

My New Favorite Thing!!

Parked so close to my car i could barely get in… sat in the car and watched me carefully not hit their car with my door instead of getting the fuck out of my way…

drove up brick blvd weaving in and out of cars to stop at a light… real genius… also your antennae are stupid.

that’s not a turn lane… it’s the shoulder… just so everyone knows.

got the gap back!

bend me over!

7 thoughts on “And I’m Feeeeelinnnng Gooooood

  1. Dam you’re looking good!
    Id love to spank that ass. Can you get a girlfriend to leave a rosey red handprint? It would be the next best thing to being there. Please please please?!?!?

  2. Great pics as always! I have a request – a naughty librarian photoshoot? Also, has there been any progress with scanning the old pics yet? I think I can speak for everybody when I say that we cannot wait to see them!

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