Luxury car, tinted windows, nice wheels…. NO FRONT TEETH!!! priorities people COME ON! i wish i could have gotten a picture of that dude…

so i’ve been getting a lot of emails alerts that people are signing up as registered users for my site… only thing is they are all weird names with even weirder email addresses… like whose email is or   those can’t be real. right?

saw mr. fuck me eyes yesterday… according to my coworker it looked as if i was ready to pounce on him… prolly was… there was no counter between us this time… just a bar for me to bash my head into… but i totally didn’t!! i now consider it a win if i don’t fumble on my words or say something that makes no sense at all… he wasn’t wearing his uniform yesterday but he still looked sexy as hell… i hope he comes in again like right now… i’m all alone =)

yesterday morning it was pointed out to me that there has been a white explorer parked in the parking lot of almost 3 months now… all day and all night… never moves… no way in hell that’s possible right? wrong! i started looking back into my pictures that truck actually appears in the same exact spot as far back as february 13th… i’m starting to get a little curious about it… then i thought maybe i should call like a towing company or the cops or something… there’s no over abundance of flies or anything so i don’t think anyone is dead in it so that’s good… still a little weird tho.

if someone wants to like… run that plate and see who this person is that would be fun… have them maybe… COME GET THEIR CAR!

this is the lady that walks the parking lot knocking on peoples windows looking for money… she wears the same outfit everyday and takes the money straight to the liquor store…

so the other day one of my fellow plaza workers hung out in here for like 2 1/2 hours…. he took some pictures of me… and now i’ll share with everyone!

and one more picture of someone parking terribly…

well it’s 9am… i’ve been here for 1 hour and 15 minutes.. i’m freakin starving… gonna go see what food is laying around… maybe i should also do some work… lol

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  1. I’ve been a long time fan of your site. If your looking for a photo/web guy, please let me know. I would love to photograph you and can help out with any website questions. Feel free to email me.

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