Juicy White Famous Ass

soooo it’s totally okay that me and one of my 80 year old customers were just talking about how hot mr. fuck me eyes is? she noticed him walking out of here right before she came in… it’s completely normal for that to happen… haha! apparently him and i both love cheese! i don’t even know how we get into these conversations… yesterday i posted on facebook that i want to wrestle naked in hibachi noodles with someone… today i’m amending that to i want to wrestle in melted cheese with that sexy mother fucker…

wanna see something awesome???   www.naughtyselfpics.com/page/34/ someone put my picture on here!!! it’s a few down… like 5 or 6… my juicy white ass is famous with an 8.8 rating!i guess the page updates as more are added so if you’re reading this weeks later you might wanna check the next page kind of thing.

also, from the fucking hysterical shit people show me… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCGfgnU18yk

i park my car far back from the line sometimes but not like this dude…

this dude almost hit my car on route 70 the other day… weaving in and out of traffic? didn’t you notice that they’ve been reconstructing the parkway for like 2 months now and you’re not going anywhere fast?

this guy… noticed i took his picture then immediately pulled off the road into a parking lot… prolly because after i beat his shitty truck off the light he proceeded to tailgate me something awful to the point i had to pull over and let him pass for my own safety… then drove up the ass of the next car in front of him… i hope you have to stop short cuz someone brake checks you and that canoe goes right through the back of your head.

a lady just came in here with a suit that we cleaned. it had a moth hole in it. she thinks we put it there. we did not. i explained to her that moth holes usually don’t appear until something has been cleaned because the eggs eat away at the material but don’t actually create the hole until it’s in the solvent. i even went as far as explaining that it was obviously a moth hole due to the missing material. it very clearly wasn’t a rip. she wasn’t understanding a word i said. she asked to see the boss. i told her i was the boss. she told me i wasn’t. i’m the manager and i’ve been doing this for 12 years and there is nothing anyone can do about moth holes happening. it wasn’t something she did and it wasn’t something we did it just happens. she told me she wanted her money back. i told her we don’t give peoples money back we provided the cleaning service and there are no refunds because of moth holes… this went around in a circle about 3 times before she finally said to me. “why does this happen?” to which i reply… “well, i can’t ask the moth!” OWNED!! she told me to throw the pants out and stormed away. at least i didn’t curse at this one… prolly because there was like 4 other customers waiting behind her… laughing… lol




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