Well, just in case anyone is wondering… i have officially figured out the reason that major industry switched from human labor to mechanical labor… because people fucking suck. maybe it’s just a personality flaw but i work like a goddamn machine. i don’t take sick days, i can always stay late, i never put myself in a position where someone else is dependent on me outside of work and no matter how tired i am i get shit done. i can’t conceive a world where anything is more important than what makes me money. my work ethic is unattainable by most… enough patting myself on the back… after this week i wish i could employ robots. it’s the busiest time of the year for the store and i’ve had nothing but call outs and excuses and i can’t stay lates from every single person who works for me. add that to the fact that we’ve have major machine problems (also due to laziness by a human for not getting timely maintenance) we’re so far behind and not a single person feels a responsibility to put in some extra effort and time. (which they would have been paid for) i just feel like when you know the company that pays your bills is in a bind you should go the extra mile to ensure you still have a job the next day. not saying people should get fired but if production is two days behind and your accounts decide to go else where there is no need to have employees. no one thinks that way tho. i then try to explain to them the concept of if we lose an account jobs will be cut and the response i get is always the same. “it’s not my fault.” i understand that it’s not your fault and no one is saying it is but fault doesn’t matter when the reality is you’re not entitled to a job. we don’t have to keep you employed here if it doesn’t make sense. jobs aren’t the easiest thing to come by these days and people should do everything they can to preserve them. take shorter lunch stay an extra 30 minutes each day… something… no one ever thinks beyond the minute they are in… we’re such a fucking lazy society that expects all the luxuries for minimal effort. people fucking suck.

other than that… i’ve learned a ton of shit this week… like which way the belt is supposed to rotate on the motor of an air compressor… it’s clockwise if anyone needs to know… why you ask? so the oil lubricates the parts right… also, in regard to the compressor… 5 horse power is not enough to run 4 machines at once… especially when they all have air leaks. i’ve learned how to adjust read switches on two of my three shirt pressing units… it’s very greasy in there (ruined my fucking nails)… the guy at auto lenders informed me that there is no way to disable the tire pressure light on my car but he thinks he will be able to remove the sensors from my old wheels to put on my new ones. i’m definitely a stress eater… like an entire bag of Reese’s pieces in 3 days is off the charts… and finally… the absolutely best planning on my part will not ever make up for other people being inconsiderate assholes.

on a good note… i signed up for a make-up class next week that i’m excited for and guess who it’s with! the hot girl at the Mac counter!! yay! i saw her yesterday when i went to get some concealer to hide my stressed-out pimples… i ended up getting like 5 other things too… i’ve got issues… but my eyes look awesome! and my new heels should be here by Monday the latest… i think tomorrow i might have the chance to finally take some fun pictures in the bathroom at work… damn extra tank has been outta there 4 days now and i can’t seem to find the time… ridiculous!

this would be okay if they were on opposite sides of the car…

nothing like taking up 3 spots… jack ass

Finally!!! it got towed out of here… i went outside to ask who called them and just as that happened the girl who owned the car pulled up in the handicap spot and said it was hers… (she wasn’t handicapped by the way) lazzzyyyy

i don’t typically put food pictures on my blog but these were so freakin good i had to share… thin sliced bread with olive oil and garlic powered baked until they crisp up… topped with tomato, fresh basil, roasted red pepper and cheddar cheese… back in the oven til it all melts together… cheese gets all crunchy around the sides OMG…

for guys that like shoes! I love these!!!

For guys that like legs! They look really long!

and against my better judgement… one with my glasses on…

now back to way too much work in not enough time!

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  1. Soooo I drove by your work the other day..just to catch a glimpse. Was actually thinking about coming in and saying something inappropriate. Didn’t look like you were there, but there was some tiny girl with a FANTASTIC ass….in tight black stretchy pants. Tell her thank you for the hard on!

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